Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Work From Home - Ask Me How!

Work From Home - Ask Me How!

"I want to make money online, but don't want to do any work.Can you give me an opportunity that can do this Tim?" Well I can certainly point you in the right direction.
Plus, if you take advice, are willing to learn, 
and don't expect to get rich overnight
 then anything is possible.


 most of all,
are willing to take action
and make a change in your life

As you may know, last week, my MAP Account changed over to EUROS.
So the other day, I decided to treat myself to a quick 300 EUROS (always handy for paying those bills!) and still have THREE TIMES that in my balance, which is building up nicely for a bigger withdrawal in a few weeks.

And people still ask me. "Are you still messing about with that Ad clicking thing?".....YEAH! 

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Does Advertising Pay You?

Does Advertising Pay You?
So there I was, trying to watch "Countrywise", on the ITV Player 
(which didn't work by the way!) and lo and behold,
before I could even start to watch the programme,
I had to watch SIX adverts first! 

Fair enough, but the thing that gets me is, people dismiss the idea of getting paid to view ads as impossible (it can't be because I'm getting paid!) 
they're quite happy to sit through those pre-video ads before they can watch what they want.

They're quite happy for the host site to get the advertising revenue for those ads, make you "have" to watch those ads
BUT NOT pay you for it!

"Why should they pay you", you might say.
Well all those eyeballs on those ads is good for exposure and good for business.
We've all become part of the machine in a sense, as the more we click, view, share and discuss these ads, the more we are helping the companies that place them in the first place. 

So why not get paid for being a part of this global advertising machine?

Even your harmless search for goods and services online, as you click on links, but possibly then ignore,
still helps those businesses get ranked in GOOGLE.

And there's the beauty of MyAdvertisingPays.
You can get paid for viewing ads.
You can drive Traffic to an ad to get those eyeballs on it,
and in turn a valuable click, which then helps rank that ad/business etc 

It is a WIN WIN situation that anyone can be a part of.
You can even sign up right now for free with no obligation and check out how the site works.  

Or you can get in touch for more info.

Don't wait. Be part of the advertising revolution!

Friday, August 5, 2016

Bank Of England Cut Rates But Don't Expect Your Mortgage To!

Bank Of England Cut Rates But Don't Expect Your Mortgage To!
Okay, great news, The Bank of England have just cut the base rate from a half, to a quarter of one percent.
That should sound great for those with a mortgage, but obviously dire for those with savings.

But hang on, many analysts are already saying many customers may have to wait until September or later to benefit from savings.
WHETHER this rate is changed DEPENDS on their lender!
Royal Bank Of Scotland, said it might TAKE WEEKS to decide IF AND WHEN it would make any cuts! 

So where does all this leave me and you?
Do you have a plan B?

For a few years now since the era of ultra low interest rates, those with savings or similar investments have had very little return.
Now as I bang on about all the time, there are alternative ways to get a better return on your money,
and it's not with an investment

Monday, August 1, 2016

In Search Of A Little Financial Help?

In Search Of A Little Financial Help? 
Just over 2 years ago I joined an online opportunity,
after messing about trying, and failing to make money online for several years.
Most people I spoke to, with little knowledge of the online world,
said it was nonsense and wouldn't last 6 months.
And that's an understandable reaction. Most people are used to
and conditioned to, the "normal" way of doing things.
Most people are either scared or cynical about just what is real,fake or a scam. Again, can understand why they would think that way.

So when something like MAP comes along, bucks the trend, does all it can to comply with regulations and adapts the business model to maintain sustainability - People are not quite sure what to think,
apart from the worst!

However, In that time I have doubled my money,
and helped others on their journey to do the same.

I'm not going to lie and say MAP has paid for all the work on our new house
 it certainly has helped pay for quite a few bits'n'bobs on the way!
Hence my lack of posts recently due to the ongoing work on the house
and living out of bags and staying at friends and family
 whilst the builders are in.

Of course there's been up and downs on the way, 
but I would much rather try (and possibly fail) than not try at all.
The internet, your laptop, your smartphone are all there waiting to be used for better things... 
Results of course are not typical - You may do even better !!!

Monday, July 4, 2016

Paid Again! 1000 Euros!

Paid Again! 1000 Euros!
You know there's going to be some people that won't be happy with me posting this, but I'm sorry to have to break it to them but I've successfully withdrawn money again from MyAdvertisingPays.
1000 Euros in fact - Straight to my UK Bank account. 

If you remember, I mentioned in a recent post, Tesco's £3 per month offer for viewing ads on their Tesco Xtras Tariff, and how they were trying to get into the Ad Rev Share market.

All well and good, but I reckon my 900 Euros a few weeks ago, and my 1000 Euros yesterday, trumps Tesco's offer by a mile. 

My only caveat to this is, is that I took action to get to this stage and my results may not be typical. Although you may do much, much better than me! 
But the point is, just getting started is the key.

Remember, this is not a get rich quick scheme.
It takes a little time - A little patience - And a little effort. 

Like anything in life, it's all down to how much you want it, or is even viewing 10 ads, once per day too much ? 
However, I reckon if you've got as far as reading this blog, you're already on your way to making that change.

You just need to take the next step...
JOIN NOW!      

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Real People - Real Results - Real Money!

Real People - Real Results - Real Money!
You know it's difficult to get over to most people, just how great the possibilities are with My Advertising Pays
I know most people are just pre-conditioned to mis-trust anything that seems different from the norm, especially anything to do with the Internet!
The mere mention of even attempting to earn extra income online is generally greeted with suspicion. 

And to be fair, I was like that too only a couple of years ago, but since joining MyAdvertisingPays I have seen just what is possible, even it's just earning a modest extra income online.

At the momment, I'm nearly midway on the transition from US Dollar earning Credit Packs and Euro earning Credit Packs. So I thought I'd treat myself to a modest withdrawal. Not too much as I want to keep building my Euro Balance, which is around 4.500 Euros just now.
I withdrew 900 Euros to my UK Bank Account,
which converts to around £700.

Okay, not life changing money, but money nevertheless.
Of course this is only a fraction of what you or I could earn, depending on how far you or I wish to take the business.

BUT  the fact still remains.
Everyone involved with this business is still
getting paid every 20 minutes
24 hours a day


Sunday, June 19, 2016

Tesco Mobile Xtras Scam?

Tesco Mobile Xtras Scam?
Well would you believe it?
Tesco have launched a new mobile phone product called
"Tesco Mobile Xtras", where to put it simply
you get £3 per month for watching adverts on your Tesco Mobile!

Now when MyAdvertisingPays launched, two and a half years ago, the sceptics said it must be a scam. 
And here we are with a major British supermarket offering a product where viewing ads will reduce your bill.
No difference, except if you've heard of Tesco, which I guess you have, then that seems slightly more plausible (for some reason?).       

 Xtras puts adverts, special offers and err, "content" on your phone's home screen every time you unlock it. As log as you accept this, Tesco will reduce your bill by £3 each month.

So what will you see? Personalised adverts, offers and other content which you can dismiss with a swipe. Or you can click to save it or see more information.

So, what's in it for Tesco?
Well, they get you to take the contract.
They get paid by the advertiser to host the adverts.
They, and the advertiser get eyeballs and possibly a click and
maybe even a sale from those ads.

What's in it for you?


Is there a better alternative?
Of course,


Sign up for FREE - HERE
 and check it out,

or contact me for more info.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

MAP With Tim

MAP With Tim
Well, now in fact!
From today I will be using

blog.mapwithtim.com as the link to this blog and
mapwithtim.com as the link to my Wix "Business Opportunity" page temporarily.

There is also, a NEW MAP 2.0 marketing video available, which I will also be using very soon.
From what I've seen it looks like a great tool should you wish to promote yourself even more.
 This replaces the old 5X5 presentation, and is called - MAP 135, and you don't need web hosting or an auto-responder account as they host the page for you and your prospects details (that they fill in using the form on the page) are emailed to you.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Looking Forward To The Euros This Month?

Looking Forward To The Euros This Month?
No, not those ones,
these ones!
As you may or may not know, MAP 2.0 has changed over from USD to the Euro,
and like many other MAP members, I have been patiently re purchasing Credit Packs, which now earn Profit Share in Euros.
Having withdrawn $5000 dollars in April, I've been waiting for the transition between the two currencies to be worth my while before making the next withdrawal.
So, I expect to do this around the end of this month and I reckon I will withdraw about 1000/1200 Euros
After that it's hard to say, but I would hope for around the same figure (or more!) every month!     

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

MyAdvertisingPays - Shock Revelation!

MyAdvertisingPays - Shock Revelation!
Well the shocking news is, 
there is no shocking news!
Yet again (and again, and again...) despite the attempts of some curiously obsessive, bitter individuals best efforts to derail MAP,
it turns out the Euro withdrawal facility was activated just as promised!
 Not an issue for me just now anyway, as I intend to keep building up my Euro Credit Packs to the maximum of 1000 (as opposed to the 1200 USD Packs I had prior to the changeover).
Interestingly, curiosity is getting the better of people, either through this blog or my posts on social media.
Maybe after two years with MyAdvertisingPays, and my ethic of just plugging away, telling people how it is, for an ordinary guy,
 to finally make money online is starting to pay off?

I've always made a point of saying I'm not a big, clever internet marketer, with slick videos and a fancy car. These things are great, but I wanted to show how those in the middle ground (not a newbie to this world, and not an expert), can make a little extra without going over the top! 

I'm still learning this business, but it's always interesting and definitely nice to help others get started and see them enjoy success too!   

Thursday, May 12, 2016

My Advertising Pays - I've spent 2 years making it up?

My Advertising Pays - I've spent 2 years making it up?
You know people ask me, "Do you really make any money with
My Advertising Pays?"
 Err. no haha. I decided to spend two years making it all up!
Can you imagine the effort and level of interest I would have to maintain to keep posting if it were all for nothing?
  The photo's above are from the recent London MAP event, held on the 7th May, with nearly 600 people. Most are already doing just the same as me, and some will be keen to get started.
I guess even social proof is never enough for some people!
I sometimes wonder what more you can do or say to people to show them your results, so they can see the benefits they too could get.
I don't know if people just want you to fail so they can say they told you so, or only be impressed if you gave up your normal job, bought a Ferrari, and went to live in Marbella!
Just having some extra income, without the long, extra hours, simply working from your laptop, tablet or smartphone seems out of reach for most people.
It just takes a little courage to step out of your comfort zone, the one where you've been led to believe you have to do the normal thing by going to a normal job everyday,

You know, you might just find out that it actually works! 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Work From Home For Profit - Not Wages!

Work From Home For Profit - Not Wages!
Nearly five weeks working on-line and profits already equal
 a quarter of my normal salary!
As you know from following my progress, I have withdrawn successfully, several times from MyAdvertisingPays, and since my last withdrawal I have another $8000 sitting in my account.
So that, plus the $5000 from last week
 is roughly a quarter of my yearly salary!
I fully expect those figures to settle down a little over the coming months, as our new maximum amount of packs has been reduced to 1000, but it's still a great result.
At last, a sustainable on-line business, that you can be part of, either by working from home, or anywhere!

In the meantime, work continues in the house, but these extra funds will come in handy as there's endless "stuff" to buy and trades people to pay.  
  We now have central heating and a bedroom door too!
We also now enter the kitchen through the old hot water tank cupboard.
Not exactly Narnia, but at least it feels like
 the inside of the house is taking shape!
  Hope you like the rustic agricultural ruin look we've gone for!

Happy Mapping!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

MyAdvertisingPays 2.0 - Another Successful Withdrawal!

MyAdvertisingPays 2.0 - Another Successful Withdrawal!
So, in the first four weeks at Diamond level, I had over $8000 sitting in my Available Account Balance.
Late Monday evening on the 25th April, I withdrew funds from MAP 2.0, via VX Gateway, to my bank account. And, just like every other time, there was no problem and the funds were in my bank. Basically just over 3 days.
Not bad eh?
And yet I still hear people claiming to know this and that about the business, especially that claims that you can't withdraw, which is utter nonsense!

Remember anyone can write whatever they want on the internet, including me.
The difference is, I'm not a high profile internet marketer, churning out loads of promotional videos and endless social media posts.
I'm just an ordinary working guy
 who's tried different opportunities in the past and failed.

But now I've found a system, a business that is working for me and can see the potential for any other "ordinary" people to enjoy the same. 

As you know if you follow or read this blog, we are currently renovating the house we moved into before christmas. You can see some examples of the state of the place below! 
However, throughout all this constant mess and turmoil, I have continue to stay focussed with MyAdvertisingPays, and keep posting about my own personal experience of the business.
You know it isn't even that hard to follow and takes a little as 10/15 minutes of your time a day. Of course if you want to take things further that's great too. Blogging, social media, coffee meetings, flyers and business cards just to name a few are all great ways to spread the word and
share your success. 

The thing is, if you want to make it a success, even at the simplest of levels, without busting a gut to promote, blog etc, you do have to follow some basic rules to make a success of it.
Sadly, when some people are presented with an opportunity, they dismiss it immediately because of their fears, conditioning or some random
dis-information they may have half read or heard on the internet.

By all means do some research, but be careful what you read and most of all check out what real people are saying and if they have had real results.

I even have one referral (I only have 3 active and 2 are on less then 20 packs)
who doesn't do the basics, won't listen to advice and ignores updates and information posted within social media groups.
But will then go on to say, this is working for me
 or I didn't know about this and that etc

Yet they know and see the real results other people are getting, but won't make the most simplest of effort. This is so frustrating.

Just do as I and thousands of other members do. Be patient, be consistent be focussed, be positive...

And it will work for you!
I can even show you how - just get in touch,

Tim :)    

Thursday, April 21, 2016

I'm Glad I Took That Leap Of Faith With MyAdvertisingPays!

One Thousand Pounds A Week with MyAdvertisingPays! 
Well It's almost four weeks since I hit the max with MyadvertisingPays,
and I'm on target for $7000 a month.
Now $7000 is in fact around £4800, however let's be conservative and stick to the grand a week.
However, it is true to say that under the changes in MAP 2.0
(as the max is now 1000 Active Credit Packs), my earnings would be a little lower, which is why I've used the £1000 figure.  
To be honest, even if it was £500 a week, I would be chuffed to bits at making as much money on-line, or more, than I do in my boring normal job!
  Wouldn't even £100 a week extra make a difference in your life?
This is perfectly possible. Hell if an ordinary  night shift worker like me can work this business, and make even more than that, them I'm pretty sure
It just takes that leap of faith to get started.
I know from speaking and listening to friends, family and work colleagues, that some of the things that hold people back are;
Fear of failure
Fear of the unknown
Fear of being ridiculed by others, just for giving something a try
Lack of motivation 
Being institutionalised into the normal 9-5 work ethic 
The list goes on.

The question is, do you stand by and watch an opportunity pass you by,
or do you grab it with both hands and see where it takes you?
Yeah, there have been some bugs and glitches in the new version of MyAdvertisingPays, and guess what?
They got fixed - No one ran away with the money! 

I'm more than glad I took that leap of faith!     


Wednesday, April 13, 2016

My First Three Weeks As A MAP 2.0 Diamond - A Second Income Online!

My First Three Weeks As A MAP 2.0 Diamond - A Second Income Online!
What can I say? It's been a hectic couple of weeks with the changeover from MAP 1.0 to the new, MAP 2.0 platform,
and the continuing renovation work in the house!
Even just finding time and a space to sit and work on MAP stuff such as promoting, placing ads etc has been difficult. 
However, we now have at least one room almost finished and in that room I have now got a desk!

Other good news is that the Edinburgh/Scotland Mappers are having an informal meeting on Monday 18th April at the bar of the Novotel, Edinburgh.
Full details can be found on Facebook at:
So if you're in the area and want to know about this great online business opportunity, just pop in and have a chat with us.

Even more great news is that since I hit Diamond on the 26th March, I have earned over $4300! That's just under three weeks.
The new MAP 2.0 site looks great too.
Yeah we know there have been a few bugs and issues, but as ALWAYS, the tech guys work their way through them and GET THEM FIXED!

That's the difference between MyAdvertisingPays and other, shall we say, less professional sites.

Obviously there's a lot of data and code to move to new servers, but as always the site comes back bigger and better.

Online advertising is here to stay and I'm so glad I DID decide to get involved when I was so close to giving up. 

Taking action, however big or small IS the only way to break free from the chains of the normal financial "brick wall" we all hit.   
Join me and thousands of others who really making money online, some for the first time, and break free yourself!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

My First Four Days As A MyAdvertisingPays Diamond At 1200 Credit Packs.

My First Four Days As A MyAdvertisingPays Diamond
 At 1200 Credit Packs.

Having turned Diamond on the 26th March 2016, four days in, and maintaining 1200 Active Credit Packs,
my Available Account Balance is sitting at $1300.
That's $325 a day, that's around £200 a day in GBP.
It goes without saying that I'm blown away by the results.
Of course I'm not going to get carried away as I intend to keep banking the profit share for the rest of the month, so as to ensure I have funds to maintain that 1200 Credit Pack level, and get the amount of packs I re-purchase everyday, to a regular amount. 
That way the turn over of packs will even out and support a regular flow of profit share. 

2016 is going to be a big year, not just for MAP 2.0, but myself too! 


Saturday, March 26, 2016

1200 MAP Diamond! Testimonial.

1200 MAP Diamond! 1200 MAPDiamond!

AND SO IT WAS...on a cold, wet, windy Easter Saturday, sat in an old leaky conservatory, at the back of the half renovated ruin we call home,
 I finally reached 1200 Credit Packs (Diamond) !!!
If it wasn't for my sponsor Bill Thomson, I probably wouldn't even be posting this, as it was Bill that introduced me to this business in the first place (the 2 of us having struggled and failed at other various online ventures over the years), and after several refusals from me!
The truth is, if I can do this, you can too!
I spent 12 years in the army, and I'm currently in my 30th year in Royal Mail.

I started with 30 credit packs in May 2014
 and in March 2016 I reached Diamond / 1200
My main reason for joining Map was to pay off my mortgage earlier,
but those ambitions have 
grown to, being more financially independent and just enjoy life more, plus I now want to help my family and friends enjoy the benefits of this business too!

after struggling and failing with previous online ventures, with my now sponsor Bill Thomson, I had all but given up on the idea finding anything out there that "really worked"

Bill showed me MyAdvertisingPays.
At first I point blank refused. I just couldn't be bothered with what I thought would be all the usual work and hassle.

after a month or two of watching Billy's account grow, and the simplicity of it all,
I had to accept something different was happening here!
So I took the plunge and joined and since then, I've never looked back.
The MAP team have always come good on their word and the future of the business can only get better.
When I first joined, the vision of 1200 packs seemed like a lifetime away,

the time has gone quicker than I expected and now that I'm at 1200,
I just want to tell people

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Only 10 Packs To Go Till Diamond - Finally Making Money Online, With MyAdvertisingPays!

Only 10 Packs To Go Till Diamond -
Finally Making Money Online, 
With MyAdvertisingPays!
Well the time is nearly here, when I finally reach Diamond in MyAdvertisingPays
and the real earning potential of this online business will be realised.
As you may know, I have withdrawn money several times throughout my journey with MAP, and you can rightly argue that has slowed my progress to 1200 Active Credit Packs, and that Diamond status.
In fact I have withdrawn 200 Credit Packs worth of money, remained in profit and will still reach 1200. 
Not that I lose sleep over it, but it continues to amaze me how, when shown proof, and over 2 years of solid progress as a business - 
people still let their fears and prejudices stop them from even trying to break free from the shackles of "normal" employment. 
I guess most people are happy (not) with their lot, which is why they hope to win the lottery every week as they see that as the only way out.
As for me. I stopped playing the lottery years ago. It would be nice to win it, but placing all my dreams and hopes on an unlikely outcome isn't for me.
With a business like MyAdvertisingPays, at least you have the chance to really earn some extra money on-line, for the FIRST TIME!

To find out for yourself how, you too can do it
just click the JOIN NOW tab at the top right of this blog.

Happy Mapping!  

Monday, March 14, 2016

The UK Average Weekly Wage Is Around £500 - Why Not Earn That Online?

The UK Average Weekly Wage
 Is Around £500 - Why Not Earn That Online? 
Currently the average UK weekly wage is around £500.
Now obviously to a lot of people, that is a lot of money.
Equally, there will be those who want more (don't we all?), but the point I'm trying to get across, is that that kind of income (and more) is available to anyone with My Advertising Pays. 

But, there's a catch!  

You really need to "want it" bad enough. 
It just isn't going to come to you on a plate, and even though taking modest action with MAP, will set you on the road to financial freedom,
you are going to have make a little effort! 

Don't worry, you won't be glued to your computer for hours at a time, 
  you may become addicted to watching your account grow in time!
   It probably does sound like a cliche and you've heard it all before,
but it's true. You're probably thinking, "But I haven't got the time or money, and I don't think I can be bothered spending 10 minutes a day at the pc."

Now, it's not for me to say, but I see and hear from loads of people who offer the same reasons (excuses ?), but easily find the time to play games or post pictures of kittens or lucky four leaf clovers!
Do you think they want it bad enough?
I guess not - which is a shame when the opportunity is there and easily available to everyone

MyAdvertisingPays "is" the new and exciting platform that you can use to finally break that chain of online failures.
Or, if you're looking to make money online for the first time, but not sure how, or even if you really can, then MAP "is" the place to be

Don't let fear, or negativity hold you back from taking that step.
Why not join myself and thousands of others who did,
and see for yourself
 how you really can make money with My Advertising Pays.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Earn Extra Money Online And Enjoy Life!

Earn Extra Money Online And Enjoy Life!
Well it's been a few days since I last posted as I've been away (again), this time in The Cairngorm Mountains in Scotland. Me and a friend were volunteer "mock students" for guys, and girls, on their Mountain Instructor Certificate courses. And for the most part we had amazing weather, although the avalanche risk was high, which restricted our choices of where to climb.
   You know I still find it exciting that at the same time as I'm out in the mountains, enjoying some free time, doing the things I want to do...
I'm still getting paid by this amazing online business;
and yeah you guessed it,
every 20 minutes - 24 hours a day - 7 days a week.

In the two days I spent in Aviemore,
I was earning around $500/$600 a day!
And all I had to do was click my 10 ads,
which I did sat in the pub on free wifi ! 

And, I moved from 1140 Credit Packs, up to 1155 Credit Packs.
So only 45 to go until Diamond and full earning potential.
I reckon it should take around 20 days or so to reach Diamond,
and then there should be no more of this;
and more of this:

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Making Money On Holiday With MyAdvertisingPays!

Making Money On Holiday With MyAdvertisingPays! 
It's a pretty good feeling knowing that even when you're on holiday, you're still getting paid, every 20 minutes, 72 times a day, every day!
Although I'm not quite at 1200 Credit Packs yet (1130 in fact), it's easy to see the fantastic earning potential in this business.
Just imagine using your tablet or smartphone from anywhere in the world to make money,
I'm so glad I did decide to listen to my friend and sponsor when he first introduced me to MyAdvertisingPays.
As you know, at first I was hesitant, but now I wish I had joined sooner!
There are some amazing stories of success amongst MAP members, and you could be part of that story.
I can't wait for my next holiday so I can get paid for being there! :)


Wednesday, February 17, 2016

MyAdvertisingPays - Is So Easy, You Don't Need To Own A Business To Start Making Money

MyAdvertisingPays - Is So Easy, You Don't Need To Own A Business To Start Making Money
It really is as easy as:
 1. Buy Credit Packs
2. Click on 10 ads every 24 hours
3. Repeat
4. Get in touch for more information.
Jack Ma, head of the Alibaba Group says this:"The worst people to serve are the Poor people.
 Give them free, they think it's a trap.
Tell them it's a small investment, they
'll say they can't earn much.
 Tell them to come in big, they'll say no money.
Tell them try new things, they'll say no experience.
Tell them it's traditional business, they'll say hard to do.
Tell them it's a new business model, they'll say it's MLM.
Tell them to run a shop, they'll say no freedom.
Tell them to run a new business, they'll say no expertise.
They do have somethings in common:

They love to ask google, listen to friends who are as hopeless as them, they think more than an university professor and do less than a blind man.
Just ask them, what can they do.
They won't be able to answer you.
My conclusion: Instead of your heart beats faster, why not you just act faster a bit; instead of just thinking about it, why not do something about it.
 Poor people fail because of one common behaviour:
Their Whole Life is About Waiting.

It's time to stop waiting!