Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Work From Home For Profit - Not Wages!

Work From Home For Profit - Not Wages!
Nearly five weeks working on-line and profits already equal
 a quarter of my normal salary!
As you know from following my progress, I have withdrawn successfully, several times from MyAdvertisingPays, and since my last withdrawal I have another $8000 sitting in my account.
So that, plus the $5000 from last week
 is roughly a quarter of my yearly salary!
I fully expect those figures to settle down a little over the coming months, as our new maximum amount of packs has been reduced to 1000, but it's still a great result.
At last, a sustainable on-line business, that you can be part of, either by working from home, or anywhere!

In the meantime, work continues in the house, but these extra funds will come in handy as there's endless "stuff" to buy and trades people to pay.  
  We now have central heating and a bedroom door too!
We also now enter the kitchen through the old hot water tank cupboard.
Not exactly Narnia, but at least it feels like
 the inside of the house is taking shape!
  Hope you like the rustic agricultural ruin look we've gone for!

Happy Mapping!

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