Monday, July 4, 2016

Paid Again! 1000 Euros!

Paid Again! 1000 Euros!
You know there's going to be some people that won't be happy with me posting this, but I'm sorry to have to break it to them but I've successfully withdrawn money again from MyAdvertisingPays.
1000 Euros in fact - Straight to my UK Bank account. 

If you remember, I mentioned in a recent post, Tesco's £3 per month offer for viewing ads on their Tesco Xtras Tariff, and how they were trying to get into the Ad Rev Share market.

All well and good, but I reckon my 900 Euros a few weeks ago, and my 1000 Euros yesterday, trumps Tesco's offer by a mile. 

My only caveat to this is, is that I took action to get to this stage and my results may not be typical. Although you may do much, much better than me! 
But the point is, just getting started is the key.

Remember, this is not a get rich quick scheme.
It takes a little time - A little patience - And a little effort. 

Like anything in life, it's all down to how much you want it, or is even viewing 10 ads, once per day too much ? 
However, I reckon if you've got as far as reading this blog, you're already on your way to making that change.

You just need to take the next step...