Thursday, August 18, 2016

Does Advertising Pay You?

Does Advertising Pay You?
So there I was, trying to watch "Countrywise", on the ITV Player 
(which didn't work by the way!) and lo and behold,
before I could even start to watch the programme,
I had to watch SIX adverts first! 

Fair enough, but the thing that gets me is, people dismiss the idea of getting paid to view ads as impossible (it can't be because I'm getting paid!) 
they're quite happy to sit through those pre-video ads before they can watch what they want.

They're quite happy for the host site to get the advertising revenue for those ads, make you "have" to watch those ads
BUT NOT pay you for it!

"Why should they pay you", you might say.
Well all those eyeballs on those ads is good for exposure and good for business.
We've all become part of the machine in a sense, as the more we click, view, share and discuss these ads, the more we are helping the companies that place them in the first place. 

So why not get paid for being a part of this global advertising machine?

Even your harmless search for goods and services online, as you click on links, but possibly then ignore,
still helps those businesses get ranked in GOOGLE.

And there's the beauty of MyAdvertisingPays.
You can get paid for viewing ads.
You can drive Traffic to an ad to get those eyeballs on it,
and in turn a valuable click, which then helps rank that ad/business etc 

It is a WIN WIN situation that anyone can be a part of.
You can even sign up right now for free with no obligation and check out how the site works.  

Or you can get in touch for more info.

Don't wait. Be part of the advertising revolution!

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