Thursday, May 12, 2016

My Advertising Pays - I've spent 2 years making it up?

My Advertising Pays - I've spent 2 years making it up?
You know people ask me, "Do you really make any money with
My Advertising Pays?"
 Err. no haha. I decided to spend two years making it all up!
Can you imagine the effort and level of interest I would have to maintain to keep posting if it were all for nothing?
  The photo's above are from the recent London MAP event, held on the 7th May, with nearly 600 people. Most are already doing just the same as me, and some will be keen to get started.
I guess even social proof is never enough for some people!
I sometimes wonder what more you can do or say to people to show them your results, so they can see the benefits they too could get.
I don't know if people just want you to fail so they can say they told you so, or only be impressed if you gave up your normal job, bought a Ferrari, and went to live in Marbella!
Just having some extra income, without the long, extra hours, simply working from your laptop, tablet or smartphone seems out of reach for most people.
It just takes a little courage to step out of your comfort zone, the one where you've been led to believe you have to do the normal thing by going to a normal job everyday,

You know, you might just find out that it actually works! 

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