Thursday, April 21, 2016

I'm Glad I Took That Leap Of Faith With MyAdvertisingPays!

One Thousand Pounds A Week with MyAdvertisingPays! 
Well It's almost four weeks since I hit the max with MyadvertisingPays,
and I'm on target for $7000 a month.
Now $7000 is in fact around £4800, however let's be conservative and stick to the grand a week.
However, it is true to say that under the changes in MAP 2.0
(as the max is now 1000 Active Credit Packs), my earnings would be a little lower, which is why I've used the £1000 figure.  
To be honest, even if it was £500 a week, I would be chuffed to bits at making as much money on-line, or more, than I do in my boring normal job!
  Wouldn't even £100 a week extra make a difference in your life?
This is perfectly possible. Hell if an ordinary  night shift worker like me can work this business, and make even more than that, them I'm pretty sure
It just takes that leap of faith to get started.
I know from speaking and listening to friends, family and work colleagues, that some of the things that hold people back are;
Fear of failure
Fear of the unknown
Fear of being ridiculed by others, just for giving something a try
Lack of motivation 
Being institutionalised into the normal 9-5 work ethic 
The list goes on.

The question is, do you stand by and watch an opportunity pass you by,
or do you grab it with both hands and see where it takes you?
Yeah, there have been some bugs and glitches in the new version of MyAdvertisingPays, and guess what?
They got fixed - No one ran away with the money! 

I'm more than glad I took that leap of faith!     


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