Sunday, June 19, 2016

Tesco Mobile Xtras Scam?

Tesco Mobile Xtras Scam?
Well would you believe it?
Tesco have launched a new mobile phone product called
"Tesco Mobile Xtras", where to put it simply
you get £3 per month for watching adverts on your Tesco Mobile!

Now when MyAdvertisingPays launched, two and a half years ago, the sceptics said it must be a scam. 
And here we are with a major British supermarket offering a product where viewing ads will reduce your bill.
No difference, except if you've heard of Tesco, which I guess you have, then that seems slightly more plausible (for some reason?).       

 Xtras puts adverts, special offers and err, "content" on your phone's home screen every time you unlock it. As log as you accept this, Tesco will reduce your bill by £3 each month.

So what will you see? Personalised adverts, offers and other content which you can dismiss with a swipe. Or you can click to save it or see more information.

So, what's in it for Tesco?
Well, they get you to take the contract.
They get paid by the advertiser to host the adverts.
They, and the advertiser get eyeballs and possibly a click and
maybe even a sale from those ads.

What's in it for you?


Is there a better alternative?
Of course,


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