Thursday, November 26, 2015

My Advertising Pays - You're never too old to start earning money online!

My Advertising Pays - You're never too old
to start earning money online! 

Check out this short video testimonial:
It just goes to show that anyone can get involved and make a little extra money online with My Advertising Pays. Currently this lady is on 300 packs, but in about a years time, on or around her 71st birthday, she should be on 1200 Active Credit Packs! 

As for me, I'm now at 938 as I write and hope to be on about 950 packs by the end of the month. 
With our imminent house move and the possible need for some extra cash for stuff for the house, I will have to make a decision sometime in December about my account.

The profit share from even 1000 Active Credit Packs is still a welcome addition to the household finances, so I will have to see how things are once we're settled in, and if maintaining 1000 packs is what I will do.
Decisions, decisions!

For example, even a conservative estimate of the Profit Share earnings whilst maintaining 1000 Credit Packs is around $1750 per month (Results not typical of course). That is approximately £1130 in GBP.

So I guess now it's down to how much my wife wants to spend on new stuff for the house!

Keep watching this space for more news,

Tim :)

Friday, November 20, 2015

My Advertising Pays Hits The Shelves In James Caan's, "Your Business" Magazine.

My Advertising Pays Hits The Shelves
In James Caan's, "Your Business" Magazine.
My Advertising Pays has a two page spread in this months "Your Business" magazine. This is great exposure for the business, especially with all the worldwide events taking place. 
Increasingly more and more people are see the potential of MAP. More importantly, those with businesses or something they wish to promote or a website they want to drive traffic to, are seeing the benefits of the SEO offered by the MAP platform.

As the two year anniversary approaches and the soon to be launched MAP 2.0things are currently on course
great things to come from the business.

If it's competitively priced, targeted traffic,
traffic driven to where you want,
improved SEO on your website or blog,
a place to promote your offer,
the chance to receive profit share from the business
be part of a great community,
then My Advertising Pays may be the place for you.
On a more personal level, our house move draws ever closer and the place is full of boxes! Luckily there will be no stairs to take furniture up when we move in to the new place.
The one fly in the ointment is the potentially slower broadband than we have been used to (it is out in the sticks after all!), however the new neighbours assure me that with some fancy booster we can install, we can improve the dodgy signal....a bit! 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

900 Active Credit Packs - Will I Go For Diamond?

900 Active Credit Packs - Will I Go For Diamond?

Well I hit 900 Active Credit Packs!

Not my most flattering picture, but at least Tess looks good!
Anyway I now have a dilemma. I could maintain my 900 packs for the rest of this month (2 weeks), in fact I could maintain that for ever if i wanted.
That amount of packs alone would earn approximately
$2200 or £1400 A MONTH!

That's right, My Advertising Pays could provide that.

Now I did say I was considering doing that, just to bring a little extra in whilst we move house...
I continue to build up my packs, it's perfectly reasonable to assume I could be on 1200 packs not long after the New Year, and that is very tempting!

So, what would you do?

My gut feeling is to continue now as I am so close to the goal of maxing out at 1200. I've already proved the system, made sales in the Traffic Exchange and withdrawn money several times.

This is, potentially life changing stuff folks.
Yeah it may not be in the realms of the top earners, the big names in internet marketing or the the online guru's that claim all sorts of stuff.

BUT, to an ordinary guy like me, this is paying off the mortgage earlier,
helping my kids financially and planning for my family's future.
Potential financial freedom.

I'm sure we've all thought about this and looked for ways to reach those goals.

There are no guarantees in life, but personally, I think I've found one way to get that little bit closer to what I hope to achieve.

Below is a short video and one My Advertising Pays members story of how he achieved his goals...

Monday, November 9, 2015

My Advertising Pays Events Updates and I'm Moving House!

Sorry for the lack of updates recently - more of that later.Firstly let's get onto some of the recent MAP Events 
that have been taking place lately.

A successful event took place in Rome on November 7th with a great turnout!
Proof that My Advertising Pays is growing and growing throughout Europe.


At the same time, November 7th, 
another London Event was held with an amazing 300 plus attendance
As it happens, my sponsor and good friend, Bill Thomson, was also there (he is a Diamond after all!). He also attended the training sessions held immediately after the presentation. Remember, My Advertising Pays is now giving him an extra income, which more than paid for his flight from Edinburgh (where we both live) down to London. Here are a few photos of that day:

The next big event on the MAP calendar is the Two Year Anniversary Event being held in Munich on 12th December 2015...which is now SOLD OUT!

However, even if I had planned to travel to Germany for the event, I couldn't as myself and Lorna (and Tess the dog!) will be moving house that weekend.
This is also why I've been so slow in posting updates as we've been very busy house hunting! 

Now I am not for one minute going to give you some tale that My Advertising Pays has changed my life so much that is has paid for a new house!
What I am going to say is that My Advertising Pays HAS helped me pay a large portion of the transaction fees for moving.

Currently I am at just under 900 Active Credit Packs. 
The previous month I was at 850, and for three weeks of October, I withdrew $1500 whilst still slowly building up my packs
 (the best of both worlds you might say). 

Now for November I plan to so the same in the next few days.
So you can see the potential in this business if you were on 1200 Active Credit Packs - just like my sponsor is! 

So there you have it.
More positive, good news from a business that is growing and really changing lives all over Europe.

Luckily I found out about it, and hopefully you will too!