Thursday, April 28, 2016

MyAdvertisingPays 2.0 - Another Successful Withdrawal!

MyAdvertisingPays 2.0 - Another Successful Withdrawal!
So, in the first four weeks at Diamond level, I had over $8000 sitting in my Available Account Balance.
Late Monday evening on the 25th April, I withdrew funds from MAP 2.0, via VX Gateway, to my bank account. And, just like every other time, there was no problem and the funds were in my bank. Basically just over 3 days.
Not bad eh?
And yet I still hear people claiming to know this and that about the business, especially that claims that you can't withdraw, which is utter nonsense!

Remember anyone can write whatever they want on the internet, including me.
The difference is, I'm not a high profile internet marketer, churning out loads of promotional videos and endless social media posts.
I'm just an ordinary working guy
 who's tried different opportunities in the past and failed.

But now I've found a system, a business that is working for me and can see the potential for any other "ordinary" people to enjoy the same. 

As you know if you follow or read this blog, we are currently renovating the house we moved into before christmas. You can see some examples of the state of the place below! 
However, throughout all this constant mess and turmoil, I have continue to stay focussed with MyAdvertisingPays, and keep posting about my own personal experience of the business.
You know it isn't even that hard to follow and takes a little as 10/15 minutes of your time a day. Of course if you want to take things further that's great too. Blogging, social media, coffee meetings, flyers and business cards just to name a few are all great ways to spread the word and
share your success. 

The thing is, if you want to make it a success, even at the simplest of levels, without busting a gut to promote, blog etc, you do have to follow some basic rules to make a success of it.
Sadly, when some people are presented with an opportunity, they dismiss it immediately because of their fears, conditioning or some random
dis-information they may have half read or heard on the internet.

By all means do some research, but be careful what you read and most of all check out what real people are saying and if they have had real results.

I even have one referral (I only have 3 active and 2 are on less then 20 packs)
who doesn't do the basics, won't listen to advice and ignores updates and information posted within social media groups.
But will then go on to say, this is working for me
 or I didn't know about this and that etc

Yet they know and see the real results other people are getting, but won't make the most simplest of effort. This is so frustrating.

Just do as I and thousands of other members do. Be patient, be consistent be focussed, be positive...

And it will work for you!
I can even show you how - just get in touch,

Tim :)    

Thursday, April 21, 2016

I'm Glad I Took That Leap Of Faith With MyAdvertisingPays!

One Thousand Pounds A Week with MyAdvertisingPays! 
Well It's almost four weeks since I hit the max with MyadvertisingPays,
and I'm on target for $7000 a month.
Now $7000 is in fact around £4800, however let's be conservative and stick to the grand a week.
However, it is true to say that under the changes in MAP 2.0
(as the max is now 1000 Active Credit Packs), my earnings would be a little lower, which is why I've used the £1000 figure.  
To be honest, even if it was £500 a week, I would be chuffed to bits at making as much money on-line, or more, than I do in my boring normal job!
  Wouldn't even £100 a week extra make a difference in your life?
This is perfectly possible. Hell if an ordinary  night shift worker like me can work this business, and make even more than that, them I'm pretty sure
It just takes that leap of faith to get started.
I know from speaking and listening to friends, family and work colleagues, that some of the things that hold people back are;
Fear of failure
Fear of the unknown
Fear of being ridiculed by others, just for giving something a try
Lack of motivation 
Being institutionalised into the normal 9-5 work ethic 
The list goes on.

The question is, do you stand by and watch an opportunity pass you by,
or do you grab it with both hands and see where it takes you?
Yeah, there have been some bugs and glitches in the new version of MyAdvertisingPays, and guess what?
They got fixed - No one ran away with the money! 

I'm more than glad I took that leap of faith!     


Wednesday, April 13, 2016

My First Three Weeks As A MAP 2.0 Diamond - A Second Income Online!

My First Three Weeks As A MAP 2.0 Diamond - A Second Income Online!
What can I say? It's been a hectic couple of weeks with the changeover from MAP 1.0 to the new, MAP 2.0 platform,
and the continuing renovation work in the house!
Even just finding time and a space to sit and work on MAP stuff such as promoting, placing ads etc has been difficult. 
However, we now have at least one room almost finished and in that room I have now got a desk!

Other good news is that the Edinburgh/Scotland Mappers are having an informal meeting on Monday 18th April at the bar of the Novotel, Edinburgh.
Full details can be found on Facebook at:
So if you're in the area and want to know about this great online business opportunity, just pop in and have a chat with us.

Even more great news is that since I hit Diamond on the 26th March, I have earned over $4300! That's just under three weeks.
The new MAP 2.0 site looks great too.
Yeah we know there have been a few bugs and issues, but as ALWAYS, the tech guys work their way through them and GET THEM FIXED!

That's the difference between MyAdvertisingPays and other, shall we say, less professional sites.

Obviously there's a lot of data and code to move to new servers, but as always the site comes back bigger and better.

Online advertising is here to stay and I'm so glad I DID decide to get involved when I was so close to giving up. 

Taking action, however big or small IS the only way to break free from the chains of the normal financial "brick wall" we all hit.   
Join me and thousands of others who really making money online, some for the first time, and break free yourself!