Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Only 10 Packs To Go Till Diamond - Finally Making Money Online, With MyAdvertisingPays!

Only 10 Packs To Go Till Diamond -
Finally Making Money Online, 
With MyAdvertisingPays!
Well the time is nearly here, when I finally reach Diamond in MyAdvertisingPays
and the real earning potential of this online business will be realised.
As you may know, I have withdrawn money several times throughout my journey with MAP, and you can rightly argue that has slowed my progress to 1200 Active Credit Packs, and that Diamond status.
In fact I have withdrawn 200 Credit Packs worth of money, remained in profit and will still reach 1200. 
Not that I lose sleep over it, but it continues to amaze me how, when shown proof, and over 2 years of solid progress as a business - 
people still let their fears and prejudices stop them from even trying to break free from the shackles of "normal" employment. 
I guess most people are happy (not) with their lot, which is why they hope to win the lottery every week as they see that as the only way out.
As for me. I stopped playing the lottery years ago. It would be nice to win it, but placing all my dreams and hopes on an unlikely outcome isn't for me.
With a business like MyAdvertisingPays, at least you have the chance to really earn some extra money on-line, for the FIRST TIME!

To find out for yourself how, you too can do it
just click the JOIN NOW tab at the top right of this blog.

Happy Mapping!  

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