Thursday, June 23, 2016

Real People - Real Results - Real Money!

Real People - Real Results - Real Money!
You know it's difficult to get over to most people, just how great the possibilities are with My Advertising Pays
I know most people are just pre-conditioned to mis-trust anything that seems different from the norm, especially anything to do with the Internet!
The mere mention of even attempting to earn extra income online is generally greeted with suspicion. 

And to be fair, I was like that too only a couple of years ago, but since joining MyAdvertisingPays I have seen just what is possible, even it's just earning a modest extra income online.

At the momment, I'm nearly midway on the transition from US Dollar earning Credit Packs and Euro earning Credit Packs. So I thought I'd treat myself to a modest withdrawal. Not too much as I want to keep building my Euro Balance, which is around 4.500 Euros just now.
I withdrew 900 Euros to my UK Bank Account,
which converts to around £700.

Okay, not life changing money, but money nevertheless.
Of course this is only a fraction of what you or I could earn, depending on how far you or I wish to take the business.

BUT  the fact still remains.
Everyone involved with this business is still
getting paid every 20 minutes
24 hours a day


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