Wednesday, January 28, 2015

MAPs Team Broadcast.. 
Hi there,
The last couple of weeks have been really great! (I even have a new video ! : VIDEO:

After 14 months my Sponsor, Bill Thonsom, finally got to meet the #1 recruiter
when he attended a MAPs Millionaire Mastermind event, 
hosted by the #1 recruiter in MyAdvertisingPays himself - Simon Stepsys.

It turns out Simon Stepsys, is about to become the first person 
in the world to earn a super cool $1,000,000 through MyAvertisingPays!
Bill told me that after finally meeting Simon, it was clear that he is totally focused and very enthusiastic about MAPs. He eat, sleeps and breaths

Bill also had the Privilege to meet Tony and Lynn Booth, Executives for 
MyAdvertisingPays, who told him about one of the new
features that will soon be added to the site, and in terms of bringing in
new revenue, what that means for the business.

The "Jackpot Wheel", will also be coming very soon, offering new ways to advertise, promote AND win!  

The future is very bright. The more people who join and use MAPs, 
the more valuable the ad space is, and with the new product about to
launch, there is room to take on more external customers, 
and help reduce the waiting time from 4 months to 1 month!

Yes, that right, people are queueing up to spend money with MAPs
and the more MAPs make, the more we make!

So, if you're reading this and you're not actively building your MAPs business, then not only have you missed out on what you could have 
earned this far, but will miss out on future earnings!

It's never too late to make money with Myadvertisingpays.

Log in here: - and let's make 2015 your year!

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Myadvertisingpays Jackpot Wheel - Coming soon!

My sponsor was at the 
MAPS Millionaire Mastermind, this week, and they discussed the forthcoming Jackpot Wheel.
If you look closely at this picture,  you will see some text that says '14 more spins today'. At the MAPS Millionaire Mastermind, Tony was talking about the wheel, and Simon said that he will be making sure he does his '20 spins' each day. So is this a clue. It seems like you will be limited to 20 spins per day, which means watching 20 more ads AND having 20 shots at winning the jackpot. 
So, more views to your ads , more ways to earn!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I like these numbers, but you have to keep going!

Edging closer to 210 Active Credit Packs, although I do have some expiring in quick succession, but that's just the way it is. Don't get disheartened when packs expire and you drop by a few. Just keep on going and they will build up again in no time. It always will be a case of two steps forward and one back, but the packs will still slowly build.

You may be thinking, 20 referrals! So that's how you make money?
Well, the answer is yes and no. Of those 20, I only have 4 actively engaging with the process, 1 who's now unsure what to do, despite my best efforts.
They (wrongly) assumed they could make a return (which you can) by letting the packs expire and just build up the Available Balance. 

This is true but it is FAR BETTER, to build up your packs to a certain level, over 100 at least ideally, but obviously MORE. This way you will get a constant return, week by week, as opposed to a one off (lower) return, and no packs left to keep going.

You will see the Lifetime Combined Earned total is over $15000. 
Sometimes it's hard to get people to understand that, YES, I have earned that and NO, I haven't taken that amount out because I have been re-purchasing packs to get to a higher level of return in the future.

If you then stop at whatever level (the higher the better remember), you will then see those earnings translated into withdrawable cash as you will then ONLY be re-purchasing packs as and when they expire. 
The excess cash you will be banking until such time you withdraw!      

Monday, January 12, 2015

New Myadvertisingpays promo video.

Just received my new Myadavertisingpays promotional video with all my links in it which is really cool. Now I have a short, simple and eye catching way of explaining how MAPS works in less than 2 minutes! 
This Make Money with Myadvertisingpays video is also on Facebook at:

as well as my click10ads Youtube Channel.    

Friday, January 9, 2015

Myadvertisingpays - Pays again update .

If proof were needed, then here it is again. This is my second withdrawal from Myadvertisingpays in two months. Each time has gone without a problem.

As before with my November withdrawal, I built up my Available Balance Account for three weeks of the month, only re-purchasing a Credit Pack as one expired (maintaining 200 packs). 

As you can see the three weeks of saving earned £868 (around $1300). 
Translate that to a weekly/monthly income and you have around:

£290 ($440) per week
£1250 ($1890) per calendar month  

And this is on just 200 Active Credit Packs !

  For more information just get in touch :)

Monday, January 5, 2015

Myadvertisingpays pays again!

Not having posted for a while, I thought I'd better share the good news that I have withdrawn another $1400, that's about £920, from my account. Plus, I have managed to stay at around 200 active Credit Packs (well 199 lol). 

I have been asked if I had any particular strategy, and to be honest I don't, except to try to build up my packs, but also withdraw funds from time to time.
Basically, having my cake and eating it, as they say.

I have always said patience is the key with this business, and although there seems to be no right or wrong way to it, I personally feel (at the moment) that waiting for the 1200 Credit Pack goal may be some way off at present.

So, by taking some funds but maintaining a certain level of packs, then continuing to build up packs to a higher level and repeating the process, I still grow my packs AND I still get some money.

At the time of writing, packs are earning on average
 0.51 cents, per pack, per day, which on 200 packs is still $200 a day.
Bear in mind I have now recouped my original "seed" money and from now on I am in profit. 

So, seven months in and all is looking good and if I did nothing else now and sat at approximately 200 packs constantly, I would earn about $1600 (about £1050) or a little more every month. (Taking into account any repurchasing of packs that would be required to maintain that level).

However, I shall now build up my packs for a little while and decide on my next withdrawal amount very soon!