Monday, September 28, 2015

Facebook Is Making Money With Your Help.

Did you realise, Facebook are making huge amounts of money from YOU?
Does this make Facebook a Scam,
  and therefore, Myadvertisingpays, NOT? 
Figures show a 20% increase in the amount of advertising revenue generated by the average Facebook user.

 Did you realise this is why they're worth Billions of Dollars from the advertising,
 that YOU look at and click on?
Of course you've realised that get no share of the money spent on these adverts, yet you're the one doing the clicking, thereby boosting that business's SEO and profile.  

I'm with a company that DOES SHARE IT'S PROFITS
you can advertise there too if you wish.

So why not become part of the shift in thinking and practice.
Why not become a part of this massive movement where over 200,000 people have found out that they too can make money with My Advertising Pays.

Read on below about the profits from Advertising:
If you’ve been using Facebook recently, it may be time to ask for a raise. According to new figures from market-research website eMarketer, you’ve made the company over 20% more this year than you did in 2014.
The average Facebook user now generates $12.76 in advertising revenue every year, according to the analytics firm, up from $10.03 the year before. That figure is expected to rise still further, to $17.50 in 2017.
If you don’t use Facebook, you may be earning Twitter money instead. The company makes $7.75 per user, up from $5.48 last year, and its average revenue per user (ARPU) is expected to almost double over the next few years, to $12.56 in 2017.
Where you are matters an awful lot to how valuable you are to social networks, however. Break down the difference between Americans and the rest of the world, and it becomes immediately obvious why the US receives the bulk of the attention from Facebook and Twitter. While one Facebook user outside the US will make the site $7.71 this year, an American on the same site will earn it a whopping $48.76. A similar discrepancy exists for Twitter: ARPU is $3.51 everywhere but America, and $24.48 there.
Where will that extra money come from? Two places: advertisers paying more to sell products on social networks, and social networks working out more ways to show you adverts. It may seem like Facebook and Twitter have reached saturation point on the number of adverts they display, but with both sites constantly developing new products, there will always be new places to put ads.
As for advertisers paying more, that too can come for two reasons: supply and demand. As the opportunities for advertising directly to consumers shrink, with the death of print, the decline of broadcast media, and the rise of adblockers. Conversely, social networks are offering better and better deals to advertisers. The more information a site has on a specific user, the more valuable the ad space on their screen, and new and innovative styles of adverts also encourage advertisers to spend more (see, for instance, video adverts on both Facebook and Twitter for one example).
Of course, Facebook doesn’t actually pay you for all the money you make it. But some have argued that it should: musician and internet theorist Jaron Lanier argues that for every piece of data we hand over to “spy agencies”, as he calls Facebook and Google, we should be compensated.
The reason that monetising information is crucial, is that it’s the only path that creates moderation. People talk about rights and regulation. My concern is that those things can never keep up with computer programmers. Programmers move faster than the law. But monetising will do it,” he told Channel 4 in 2013.
Source: The Guardian

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Still Not Sure About My Advertising Pays - Look For Social Proof!

Still Not Sure About My Advertising Pays - Look For Social Proof. 
It's everywhere! 

If after all this time you still have your doubts that you really can make money with My Advertising Pays, then the place to look is on Social Media.
    It goes without saying that Facebook is the number one place to go to find loads of MAP related pages, groups and posts. 
Not only do they install a sense of proof and reliability in the business, and show that it quite obviously is not a scam,
but they're also the place to ask questions like minded people and members.

It also makes sense to join the groups, or be invited by an existing member so that you can see the day to day results and comments, advice and general good will that goes hand in hand with the whole My Advertising Pays community.

You can check out my Facebook page here.
But why not have a look at some MAP Groups such as this Scottish one:
My Advertising Pays Scotland or perhaps one of the main UK groups here.

And it doesn't stop there. There's more social proof to be found on sites such as Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Digg, Stumbleupon, YouTube and many more.

So don't just sit on the fence. Check out the wealth of positive, proactive success stories from some of the (almost)
  200,000 My Advertising Pays members!  

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The My Advertising Pays Referral Myth exposed!

The My Advertising Pays Referral Myth exposed!
Don't believe what you may have heard... 

It appears there are some people have a problem with the referral system, ie,
it seems to offend them that THE ONE LEVEL of potential commission you can receive is a scam, or in some way wrong.
However, MyAdvertisingPays is not an MLM company.

 Because it doesn’t pay commissions on multiple levels!
MyAdvertisingPays offers the one-level affiliate program through which you receive a lifetime commission through recommendation. This means that you receive a provision for each recommended person (referral) for all future products your referral 
When you introduce a person into MAP and that one person buys a credit pack, only you will get paid a referral commission from every time that person  purchase a credit pack, but not a person who invited you in MAP.
This means that if I invite you, I will earn commissions from products you purchase in MAP, or re-purchase from your account, but the person who sponsored me will not make any commissions from you.
Because receiving the shares in profits is not dependent on the affiliate program, it is not necessary to recommend MAP to anyone in order to receive shares in profit here. 
It is just an additional option!
So there you have it. One level is all there is with nothing to worry about
and no ever decreasing amounts of commissions, with the guy, (or girl!) at the bottom getting nothing.

What you do get is a wealth of help and advice from like minded people who all share in their knowledge and expertise so that anyone can be successful with My Advertising Pays.    

Friday, September 18, 2015

More My Advertising Pays Events In The UK.

Once again, this business (My Advertising Pays) goes from strength to strength with more and more local, regional national meetings and events taking place. 
MAP Events are the place to bring your prospects, friends, family and anyone who you think will see through the nonsense of the "alternative business" pluggers, sadly disguising their agendas under the banner of scam busting.
All very unprofessional, I'm sure you'll agree!

Here are the dates you need for your diary:

My Advertising Pays Regional Event 
Date: 22nd of September 2015
Location: West London
Address: TBC (Address will only be disclosed to ticket holders)…

My Advertising Pays Regional Event
Date: 23rd of September 2015
Location: North London
Address: TBC (Address will only be disclosed to ticket holders)…

My Advertising Pays (Simon Stepsys Mastermind Training Event)
Date: 6th of October 2015
Location: Nantwich (Cheshire)
Address: TBC (Address will only be disclosed to ticket holders)…

My Advertising Pays National Event
Date: 10th of October 2015
Location: London (Marble Arch)
Address: Address: TBC (Address will only be disclosed to ticket holders)…
If you are near any of these events, I highly reccomend you get along to one. Invite your prospects, clients, business partners and family too! 

IMPORTANT: More event details will be updated daily so please make sure to keep checking back for more MAP Events updates.

Monday, September 14, 2015

195000 Members And More Successful MAP Events!

WOW! Nearly 195000 members are now seeing the benefits
 of this amazing, life changing business. 

Not only are more people joining My Advertising Pays, but even more successful MAP Events have been held, with more coming soon.
Just this weekend another MAP Event was held in London, with great turnout and a really professional looking set up.

Also coming up on the 26th September is an Event it Alicante, Spain.

And then the big one! On the 13th December in Cologne, Germany
the 2 Year Anniversary Event will be held.
Unbelievable how the time runs. We can still remember how we started last year when MAP was just 6 weeks old.
And now? There’s life in the old dog yet! Amazing how this company developed, which obstacles and problems it overcame.
On the internet 2 years are a damn long time. Someone who sustains so long despite critics, imitators and prejudices and who pays his partners steadily and on time, has not just good chances to survive but also the chance to set a milestone for the internet’s future.
Today My Advertising Pays stands more stable than at any point of it’s history, thanks to Mike Deese, to the management, to the Support and to you as loyal Mapper who held his head high even in bad times.
Barely 200.000 members in only 20 months is beautifully insane!
Reason enough to party hard.
This event is really something special. We are not only speaking about great current topics, we also have unimaginable news and a view to next year  which will probably make you become prouder than you are already.
And we have a very special surprise which you will only see live.
Enough reasons to save you a ticket and a seat NOW, because the seats are limited and we will soon be sold out. 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

75 Percent Of Small Businesses Start Up With Less Than £2000/$3000.

Did you know that three quarters of small businesses (in the UK) get started on less than £2000 or $3000.
In the Uk, some are even set up on less
than the UK average wage of £312 (or $480)   

This is according to a survey by freelancer website PeoplePerHour.
Some 86 per cent of respondents say they are ‘spare room’ start-ups, running their businesses from a home office, rather than from a serviced office or shared workspace. 
Also, rather then giving up their jobs and putting a strain on their finances, more than a third of micro-business owners say they
  started their businesses while they were still working.
More than three quarters (76 per cent) used personal savings, 20 per cent asked for help from friends and family, while 13 per cent used their redundancy money. 
Six in ten micro-business owners were over 30 when they started their business, and more than a quarter (28 per cent) were actually over 40 when they launched their start-up, with 11 per cent over 50.

So, what do you do if you're keen to get started. especially on the internet but don't know where to look for a great opportunity...
My Advertising Pays of course!

Even using the figures of the UK average wage as a start up cost of around £312 or $480, 
that would give you nearly
enough to buy say 10 Credit Packs.
If you did I would add one extra pack for every 10 you bought.  
Between myself, my sponsor and the rest of the MyAdvertisingPays family, you will also get all the help and advice you need.  
As great opportunities go at this kind of price, you just can't go wrong!
I would always advise getting as many packs
 as you can safely afford in the beginning,
but the main thing is getting started in the first place.
However, once you see the potential (and earnings) you will want to build your business as fast as possible for maximum return. 


Monday, September 7, 2015

New My Advertising Pays Scottish Diamond Member With 1200 Active Credit Packs.

CONGRATULATIONS to my friend and sponsor, Bill for reaching 1200 in MAP!

After 17 months, Bill my sponsor, has at last reached 1200 Active Credit Packs. Bill has been trying to make money online for several years now, but it seems like he's finally found out
 how to make money with My Advertising Pays!  
I think things will change for him from now on, and hopefully more people will see the potential benefits of the business.
With just Profit Share alone, he his right now earning approximately $800+ per day (Results Not Typical). 

As for me, I am on 785 Active Credit Packs, and hope to be up to 900 by the end of the month. This will be my next milestone, and also a great incentive for me to show ex-military friends (I will be meeting on the 3rd October for a reunion) just how powerful an opportunity My Advertising Pays is

But, as I have stressed many time before in this site, the system works at any level, and I could stop at 900 Packs and maintain that level and draw on the excess (after re-purchasing).
So even at a profit of .50c per pack - per day at 900 packs, would leave a profit of approximately $1577 in my Available Account Balance to withdraw.
 (Results Not Typical) 

The finish line is getting so close now, and whether I stick at 900 packs (though I'd rather not) or continue on to 1200, it's getting quite exciting knowing you can earn money like this online. 
If you'd like to join me and earn money online too, maybe for the first time, then get in touch and I can show you exactly what I am doing.   

Friday, September 4, 2015

More Ways To Earn With The My Advertising Pays Spinwheel!

More Ways To Earn With The My Advertising Pays Spinwheel!

MyAdvertisingPays gives registered users a chance to win cash too. Simply register your free account, got to the Spin Wheel menu and click on the big wheel. After you watch an advert, the wheel spins and you get a chance to win the jackpot.
Simple, fun and free. Want a try? Let me know.

Right now the Jackpot is at $208, maybe more as I write.
Hang on, I bet you're thinking, "But why do I have to watch an advert first before I can spin the wheel?" that sounds like a scam!

Well, do you ask yourself the same question when you have to watch an advert on Youtube before you can watch the video
you really want to watch?

Probably not, but the same principle applies.
It's just marketing which we all accept. Advertising is everywhere, but not all the revenue is shared with YOU! 

So why not take a fresh look at advertising. Check out a business where a share of the profits are given back to you, at the same time as you can advertise products/offers etc, yourself. 


Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Is My Advertising Pays a Scam? What makes you think it is?

Is Myadvertisingpays a scam?

Once again, the (extremely) small minority of mud slingers have been at it with a mind numbingly dull and frankly uninformative article in
the Sunday papers recently.
Now, hey what do I know about anything. I'm fairly new to all this, but what I can tell you is MAP works, I have made and withdrawn money and intend to continue to do so. 

I don't know why (well I have my theories) Advertising Executives with many years of experience running apparently busy successful Advertising Agencies, find the time or inclination to try and discredit
  My Advertising Pays

Most people have failed chapters in their lives and most move on. 
But, for some reason some folks reckon other peoples mistakes are far worse than their own

Is it jealousy, have they missed the boat or is it badness - who knows, but spending time and energy in a bid to "Save us all", seems a little contrived.
Or are there other forces at work here, including a hint that they have the ultimate, most fantastic, totally legal, honest and trustworthy business that ever existed, and of course everything else is crap!

Of course everything in the internet is scam right?

Wrong, but who do you believe?
A couple of angry people with too much time on their hands (remember they have a hot line to the FBI - yeah right!)
or nearly 200,00 people all actively using the business, making money and showing as such with social proof.

There's plenty to be found without me doing that here. 

There's nothing wrong with criticism and discussion, but mud slinging, name calling and trying to discredit ordinary folks trying to better themselves is sad and quite frankly, playground stuff!   

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

How I got to be the highest earner in My Advertising Pays !

Ok, just how did I become the highest earner in My Advertising Pays?

I climbed to the top of the Allalinhorn (
4,027 m (13,212 ft) in Switzerland, that's how !

Obviously I wasn't the highest earner financially, but all the time I was there, I was in "Vacation Mode" in my MAP account  which means you don't have to click your 10 ads once a day
even better, I was STILL EARNING MONEY, even though I had limited access to the internet. So when I did get the chance to log in, I would find a couple of hundred dollars in my account from the Profit Share, which gave me the chance to purchase even more packs.

REMEMBER, this money in the "Available Account", is exactly that, should you choose to withdraw. 

Hopefully I am on target to be at around 900 Credit Packs by or before the end of September! I had some expire just before I went on holiday, and already I have regained those packs I lost,
such is the power of the MAP Profit Share system.  

Seriously, you don't NEED to know how to make money with My Advertising Pays; it's so simple! 

The truth is, you can be earning money any time of day, anywhere in the world, just like I was last week. Not only is this a potential life changing oppportunity, it's also open to anyone, not just the online marketing elite who may put you off with extravagant claims.
Fast cars and yachts aside, it is possible to earn a little (or a lot) extra income though results are not typical.

Get in touch and I can show you how it's done.