Thursday, April 28, 2016

MyAdvertisingPays 2.0 - Another Successful Withdrawal!

MyAdvertisingPays 2.0 - Another Successful Withdrawal!
So, in the first four weeks at Diamond level, I had over $8000 sitting in my Available Account Balance.
Late Monday evening on the 25th April, I withdrew funds from MAP 2.0, via VX Gateway, to my bank account. And, just like every other time, there was no problem and the funds were in my bank. Basically just over 3 days.
Not bad eh?
And yet I still hear people claiming to know this and that about the business, especially that claims that you can't withdraw, which is utter nonsense!

Remember anyone can write whatever they want on the internet, including me.
The difference is, I'm not a high profile internet marketer, churning out loads of promotional videos and endless social media posts.
I'm just an ordinary working guy
 who's tried different opportunities in the past and failed.

But now I've found a system, a business that is working for me and can see the potential for any other "ordinary" people to enjoy the same. 

As you know if you follow or read this blog, we are currently renovating the house we moved into before christmas. You can see some examples of the state of the place below! 
However, throughout all this constant mess and turmoil, I have continue to stay focussed with MyAdvertisingPays, and keep posting about my own personal experience of the business.
You know it isn't even that hard to follow and takes a little as 10/15 minutes of your time a day. Of course if you want to take things further that's great too. Blogging, social media, coffee meetings, flyers and business cards just to name a few are all great ways to spread the word and
share your success. 

The thing is, if you want to make it a success, even at the simplest of levels, without busting a gut to promote, blog etc, you do have to follow some basic rules to make a success of it.
Sadly, when some people are presented with an opportunity, they dismiss it immediately because of their fears, conditioning or some random
dis-information they may have half read or heard on the internet.

By all means do some research, but be careful what you read and most of all check out what real people are saying and if they have had real results.

I even have one referral (I only have 3 active and 2 are on less then 20 packs)
who doesn't do the basics, won't listen to advice and ignores updates and information posted within social media groups.
But will then go on to say, this is working for me
 or I didn't know about this and that etc

Yet they know and see the real results other people are getting, but won't make the most simplest of effort. This is so frustrating.

Just do as I and thousands of other members do. Be patient, be consistent be focussed, be positive...

And it will work for you!
I can even show you how - just get in touch,

Tim :)    

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