Monday, August 1, 2016

In Search Of A Little Financial Help?

In Search Of A Little Financial Help? 
Just over 2 years ago I joined an online opportunity,
after messing about trying, and failing to make money online for several years.
Most people I spoke to, with little knowledge of the online world,
said it was nonsense and wouldn't last 6 months.
And that's an understandable reaction. Most people are used to
and conditioned to, the "normal" way of doing things.
Most people are either scared or cynical about just what is real,fake or a scam. Again, can understand why they would think that way.

So when something like MAP comes along, bucks the trend, does all it can to comply with regulations and adapts the business model to maintain sustainability - People are not quite sure what to think,
apart from the worst!

However, In that time I have doubled my money,
and helped others on their journey to do the same.

I'm not going to lie and say MAP has paid for all the work on our new house
 it certainly has helped pay for quite a few bits'n'bobs on the way!
Hence my lack of posts recently due to the ongoing work on the house
and living out of bags and staying at friends and family
 whilst the builders are in.

Of course there's been up and downs on the way, 
but I would much rather try (and possibly fail) than not try at all.
The internet, your laptop, your smartphone are all there waiting to be used for better things... 
Results of course are not typical - You may do even better !!!

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