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Welcome to my MAP affiliate Blog.

Hi there, I'm Tim Brigg, and welcome to my MAP affiliate blog.
I live in Edinburgh, Scotland, 
with my wife Lorna and Tess the (Black Labrador) dog.  

I joined MyAdvertisingPays in May 2014. My friend, and now sponsor first introduced me to it after he joined the previous month. Prior to this, we had both been involve with projects on the internet before, most of which came to nothing or were just too much work for very little gain.

I had become fed up with the whole internet thing and vowed not get involved with anything again. He told me about Myadvertisingpays, a system created by Mike Deese, which benefited the user rather than the big advertisers
 - I was sceptical at first!
    However, I watched with interest as he showed me his results and stats and it soon became clear that something different was going on here. He really was seeing some return.

So after holding back for about 6 weeks, I finally took the plunge and purchased 30 Credit Packs, and wow! In the first 30 days of the free trial, I had earned over $1000 by clicking on 10 ads once per day.

At the time of writing, I have achieved five figures in earnings and have (just t prove the system, and to the sceptics) withdrawn nearly $4500.
Any further earnings, I keep in my MAP account to keep building my business.

I have since taken further action as I am that confident in the future of this business. Of course everyone's results will be different, and not typical.

My aim is to reach 1200 Credit Packs in order to achieve maximum earning potential. It is possible however
 to still earn a reasonable income on less packs.

To find out more about Myadvertisingpays and how you can drive traffic to your website, affiliate links, or just earn extra income on top (or instead of!) your normal day job wages,
just go to the INTRODUCTION or PRESENTATION tabs in this blog.

If you like what you see and want to work with me, then look for a sign up link within this site and simply join up.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Tim Brigg   

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  1. Thanks, your story inspires me. I'm also in MAPS but, unlike you I wasted all my free months, probably because I didn't know anything and started paying attention only in the second month. I have 15 packs now and my main trouble is referring. That's what I want to change now.

    Best. Alexei


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