Wednesday, December 30, 2015

MyAdvertisingPays Really Does Pay - Proof, Progress, Results!

MyAdvertisingPays Really Does Pay - Proof, Progress, Results!

Happy days. A bacon roll, a cup of tea and another three weeks worth of profit share paid into the bank! 
Despite Storm Frank bringing horizontal rain and a grim end to the year, it's been an exciting couple of weeks for us. 
We're in the new house, albeit surrounded by boxes and half demolished internal walls, and together with the continuing success of MyAdvertisingPays, 2016 is going to exciting.

I'm (sort of) looking forward to all the work that needs to be done to the new house, a lot of it being funded by MAP. But I'm also looking forward to further success with this amazing online business.

Sitting here in a cafe enjoying my cup of tea and watching the shoppers getting soaked in the rain, I can't help but smile to myself at those people who scoffed when I told them about the business.
I have even offered to help them, and anybody in fact, and still will.

They say you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink.
Well that's very true, but I know and see many people, including friends and family who would benefit from an extra income.

The screen shot below is three weeks worth of profit share
paid into the bank.
So that's approximately £500 per week, and that is NOT at the maximum amount of credit packs. 
    As always, my offer of up to 5 FREE CREDIT PACKS for every 25 any new ACTIVE MEMBER purchases still stands.
Or 1 FREE CREDIT PACK for every 5 purchased. 

That's up to $250 FOR FREE! 

If you're looking for something new in 2016,
then get in touch!

Tim :) 

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Myadvertisingpays - 22 Days - $2400 - Yeah Baby!

Myadvertisingpays - 22 Days - $2400 - Yeah Baby!

Okay, I withdrew earlier than I planned! Hey I'm only human, and I figured with the holidays coming up that if I got my withdrawal request in sharp, it would should in my bank account by next week - the New Year.
So, as you can see from the post title, my final total for the first 22 days in December was $2400. Well it was $30 more to be exact! 
I think it was the right thing to do, despite my insistence that I would go the whole month, and then withdraw.
Let's face it, $2400 in three weeks is around £1600 in the UK, so I thought that would do for now and I can get back to building my packs.

You've got to agree, £500 per week isn't bad going either for my fourth withdrawal from My Advertising Pays.

Remember, this is the business that some people bleat on about that insists you recruit, insists you must have 1200 Credit Packs, the money isn't real and you can't withdraw it!

Sorry guys, just like plenty of other successful members, I have made my fourth withdrawal and plan to make plenty more!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Moving House Whilst My Advertising Pays Keeps On Working !

Moving House Whilst My Advertising Pays Keeps On Working !

Well the house move finally happened after a weeks delay, and now the real hard work begins! The builder and architect came out to measure up for the extension, which we hope to have completed around summer time next year.
So what has my My Advertising Pays account being doing all the time we were busy loading and un-loading vans?
Making money!
Crazy eh? But it's true. Of course this happens everyday, but whilst I've been sidetracked with all the stuff that comes with moving house, my account has still grown.  
 I had to take "Vacation Time" too as we weren't sure if and when we would get an internet connection (now the 7th February!).
And what of my "Income Test" for December?
Well as at midnight of the 21st, I had a little over $2200 built up in my Available Balance.
This is in line with my $100 average profit per day at around 940 Credit Packs.

Now, as (quite rightly) MAP support staff are taking their Christmas break, I may have a slight change of plan and withdraw on the 23rd December, just so that (with the two holidays) I have the money in my bank account by the New Year.
   With this in mind I hope to withdraw a minimum of $2300 and possibly a little more. We'll have to wait and see! 

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

My Advertising Pays - What Do You Consider To Be A Scam?

My Advertising Pays - What Do You Consider To Be A Scam?
Before you judge a product or service - make sure everything you see, touch, buy and own is perfect. 
Everyone has an opinion, to which they're entitled to. But many people will jump straight in with the time honored phrase, "Oh, it must be a scam (because I don't understand it)", without really taking much if any time to see how a business or opportunity actually works.
It's easy to criticize a new website as it goes through teething problems as "a sign" that there's something deeply un-holy about to happen and an indication of just how incompetent these "cowboys" must be. 

If you've been following this blog, you'll know we are moving house soon, although it has now been delayed for a week as the purchasers are waiting for their funds to be deposited to their bank. 

So, as with any house move there's always lots of "stuff" to do like changing insurance details, arranging the re-direction of mail, organizing a new telephone line etc. 

In the past week alone, I have encountered so many problems (some might say they're just badly run operation - some might even say they're scams) that we all take for granted - apart from the occasional moan to a work colleague. 

Take for example, changing the car insurance to the new address. This incurred a fee, when all they were doing was pressing a few buttons on a keyboard. Is this a scam? We moan about it, then accept it!

I tried to arrange a new phone line and broadband for our new house with a well known UK Postal Service (the biggest!).
Every time we tried use the website, we couldn't fill in many of the fields because we noticed there was a problem with the encryption of the "https"
causing errors. After several phone calls, emails and "rate our service today" surveys where I tried to tell them their site need fixed - it still isn't!
Is this incompetence and a sign they're up to no good?  

And two un-related but equally frustrating stories:

Lorna need a new battery for her car, so it Halfords (a large Uk motoring superstore chain) had the best deal and we attempted to shop online so we could collect the battery later.
No need to guess that there were problems with the sever and various error messages would appear.
   A badly maintained website,
 or just a glitch that probably got fixed at some point?

My point is, just like all these supposedly reliable big name high street chains, My Advertising Pays has had it's teething problems too.
The difference is they have ALWAYS fixed the problem.

Sadly, there are a few individuals who jump on the vaguest of issues to claim to the world that the site is about to crash and we're about to burn in the fires of hell!  

At the end of the day I can only continue to write my blog and show you how I personally am doing. If you like what you see, that's brilliant.
If you choose to join that's cool too. If it's not for you, then it's no problem.
"Taking action",  is a phrase I, and a lot of people on-line use, and it can sound a bit cheesy. But, the reality is, it's something you have to in whatever you choose to do in life. 

If you feel you've got that motivation in you to make that choice,
why not get in touch.
Hey, you could be better at it than me!              


Monday, December 14, 2015

My Advertising Pays Two Year Celebration in Cologne

My Advertising Pays Two Year Celebration in Cologne
The weekend of the 12th and 13th December 2015 is one to remember for all MAP members.
Well over 1200 members attended the MyAdvertisingPays two year party at the 
Stadthalle Köln Mülheim. There are so many pictures and videos available on various blogs and social media it would be impossible to show them all here.
However I have picked just some to show the incredible turnout, the amazing people, and the sheer commitment of those involved. 

Everyone is looking forward to another year of success, a new look website and new products. Remember too, when you see these incredible testimonials from highly successful leaders,
they have pulled out ALL the stops to reach their goals.
Their results are NOT typical. 

That DOESN'T mean that YOU can't be part of it.
On the contrary. 
As I've said time and again, you don't HAVE to be a Diamond on 1200 Active Credit Packs to make this work for you.

I personally know people on just a few hundred packs (and less in some cases) who are all having great success.You can make this business work for you at any level.
No referrals ? = No problem !
It may take a little longer, but you will still see results at whatever level you choose to aim for.
  Seeing the success of others should not be something to be jealous of.
You may wish to emulate them. You may just want to take some of their ideas and try it for yourself. You might just use them as an example to yourself (and others) to motivate yourself to better things.
I hope these pictures give you a flavour of the spirit of MyAdvertisingPays, the friendships, the commitment and the help everyone gives each other, working as a team to build better things.

If this has inspired you to take action - please get in touch - Tim :)         

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

My Advertising Pays - I Don't Think It's Working!

My Advertising Pays - I Don't Think It's Working!

I know it's working!
Week One of my December income test whilst maintaining around 945/950 Active Credit Packs (note NOT 1200) is over and all I can say the Profit Share has brought in more than my normal day, well night, job!

"How can that be?", the baying crowd scream!
"But you haven't got the maximum number of Credit Packs, we've told everyone you MUST have the maximum!". Well I haven't!
"Err, well you must have LOADS of referrals,
 that brings in the real money eh?".
 Well no I don't, sorry to disappoint you!
"Well it must be the money from new members that pays you then, yeah that's what it is!". Oh, okay, so new people obviously do join, but their money alone would never cover the cost of paying out to the likes of myself, let alone all the Diamond members on 1200 Packs. 
And let's face it there will be many more people sitting quite happily at lower levels, just maintaining their packs and drawing a modest income.

In the end, it's all a matter of choice, personal choice.
The choice of deciding which path you want to go down, what you believe in and the belief in yourself. 
In the end it's down to using the real traffic that
MyAdvertisingPays provides, and using it.
Using to whatever advantage suits your needs.
It may be that you don't necessarily even want to advertise a product to sell,
BUT just want to drive traffic to another website or blog,
just like this one.
And why would you do that alone? To boost your sites SEO.
 To get more "hits".
To get that site ranked, especially in Google,  and push it higher up the search engine results.
Even with my limited experience and knowledge, I know this works because I have done it!

Proof, Progress, Results - That's what matters, you only have to ask the real My Advertising Pays members.
Other views are available, but they don't want you to benefit from MAP!      

Thursday, December 3, 2015

My Advertising Pays - Why I Quit, The Shocking Truth!

My Advertising Pays - Why I Quit, The Shocking Truth! 
If you've seen my previous posts, you'll remember what I was going to do with My Advertising Pays.

Well I quit! Well, what I really mean is I quit building up my account for the month of December! As you know I had this big dilemma about whether to continue re-purchasing, above 950 Packs, or maintain that level and withdraw money at the end of the month.
So I finally decided that as we are moving house, the extra money would come in handy, and it also reinforces the, "Proof, progress, results", mantra that some on-line marketers like to use. 

So as of the 1st December I have been maintaining 945 Credit Packs (and slightly more occasionally).
What has this achieved ?
Well, from 00.01am (UK time) on the 1st December, to midnight of the 3rd December my profit (whilst maintaining those packs) was $510 !

So that's an average of around $160+ earnings per day,
which would equate to approximately $4800 per month,
for anyone in the UK = £3500 per month!
  Remember this is real, not just figures on a screen.
These are earnings that I can withdraw, no matter what nonsense you may read in some unscrupulous sites on the net. 

Of course these results are not typical, and it has taken me personally 18 months to get to this point.

Some may get to the same point and higher quicker, for others, the journey may be slower.        

Thursday, November 26, 2015

My Advertising Pays - You're never too old to start earning money online!

My Advertising Pays - You're never too old
to start earning money online! 

Check out this short video testimonial:
It just goes to show that anyone can get involved and make a little extra money online with My Advertising Pays. Currently this lady is on 300 packs, but in about a years time, on or around her 71st birthday, she should be on 1200 Active Credit Packs! 

As for me, I'm now at 938 as I write and hope to be on about 950 packs by the end of the month. 
With our imminent house move and the possible need for some extra cash for stuff for the house, I will have to make a decision sometime in December about my account.

The profit share from even 1000 Active Credit Packs is still a welcome addition to the household finances, so I will have to see how things are once we're settled in, and if maintaining 1000 packs is what I will do.
Decisions, decisions!

For example, even a conservative estimate of the Profit Share earnings whilst maintaining 1000 Credit Packs is around $1750 per month (Results not typical of course). That is approximately £1130 in GBP.

So I guess now it's down to how much my wife wants to spend on new stuff for the house!

Keep watching this space for more news,

Tim :)

Friday, November 20, 2015

My Advertising Pays Hits The Shelves In James Caan's, "Your Business" Magazine.

My Advertising Pays Hits The Shelves
In James Caan's, "Your Business" Magazine.
My Advertising Pays has a two page spread in this months "Your Business" magazine. This is great exposure for the business, especially with all the worldwide events taking place. 
Increasingly more and more people are see the potential of MAP. More importantly, those with businesses or something they wish to promote or a website they want to drive traffic to, are seeing the benefits of the SEO offered by the MAP platform.

As the two year anniversary approaches and the soon to be launched MAP 2.0things are currently on course
great things to come from the business.

If it's competitively priced, targeted traffic,
traffic driven to where you want,
improved SEO on your website or blog,
a place to promote your offer,
the chance to receive profit share from the business
be part of a great community,
then My Advertising Pays may be the place for you.
On a more personal level, our house move draws ever closer and the place is full of boxes! Luckily there will be no stairs to take furniture up when we move in to the new place.
The one fly in the ointment is the potentially slower broadband than we have been used to (it is out in the sticks after all!), however the new neighbours assure me that with some fancy booster we can install, we can improve the dodgy signal....a bit! 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

900 Active Credit Packs - Will I Go For Diamond?

900 Active Credit Packs - Will I Go For Diamond?

Well I hit 900 Active Credit Packs!

Not my most flattering picture, but at least Tess looks good!
Anyway I now have a dilemma. I could maintain my 900 packs for the rest of this month (2 weeks), in fact I could maintain that for ever if i wanted.
That amount of packs alone would earn approximately
$2200 or £1400 A MONTH!

That's right, My Advertising Pays could provide that.

Now I did say I was considering doing that, just to bring a little extra in whilst we move house...
I continue to build up my packs, it's perfectly reasonable to assume I could be on 1200 packs not long after the New Year, and that is very tempting!

So, what would you do?

My gut feeling is to continue now as I am so close to the goal of maxing out at 1200. I've already proved the system, made sales in the Traffic Exchange and withdrawn money several times.

This is, potentially life changing stuff folks.
Yeah it may not be in the realms of the top earners, the big names in internet marketing or the the online guru's that claim all sorts of stuff.

BUT, to an ordinary guy like me, this is paying off the mortgage earlier,
helping my kids financially and planning for my family's future.
Potential financial freedom.

I'm sure we've all thought about this and looked for ways to reach those goals.

There are no guarantees in life, but personally, I think I've found one way to get that little bit closer to what I hope to achieve.

Below is a short video and one My Advertising Pays members story of how he achieved his goals...

Monday, November 9, 2015

My Advertising Pays Events Updates and I'm Moving House!

Sorry for the lack of updates recently - more of that later.Firstly let's get onto some of the recent MAP Events 
that have been taking place lately.

A successful event took place in Rome on November 7th with a great turnout!
Proof that My Advertising Pays is growing and growing throughout Europe.


At the same time, November 7th, 
another London Event was held with an amazing 300 plus attendance
As it happens, my sponsor and good friend, Bill Thomson, was also there (he is a Diamond after all!). He also attended the training sessions held immediately after the presentation. Remember, My Advertising Pays is now giving him an extra income, which more than paid for his flight from Edinburgh (where we both live) down to London. Here are a few photos of that day:

The next big event on the MAP calendar is the Two Year Anniversary Event being held in Munich on 12th December 2015...which is now SOLD OUT!

However, even if I had planned to travel to Germany for the event, I couldn't as myself and Lorna (and Tess the dog!) will be moving house that weekend.
This is also why I've been so slow in posting updates as we've been very busy house hunting! 

Now I am not for one minute going to give you some tale that My Advertising Pays has changed my life so much that is has paid for a new house!
What I am going to say is that My Advertising Pays HAS helped me pay a large portion of the transaction fees for moving.

Currently I am at just under 900 Active Credit Packs. 
The previous month I was at 850, and for three weeks of October, I withdrew $1500 whilst still slowly building up my packs
 (the best of both worlds you might say). 

Now for November I plan to so the same in the next few days.
So you can see the potential in this business if you were on 1200 Active Credit Packs - just like my sponsor is! 

So there you have it.
More positive, good news from a business that is growing and really changing lives all over Europe.

Luckily I found out about it, and hopefully you will too!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

My Advertising Pays is changing and more withdrawals for me!!!

My Advertising Pays is changing and more withdrawals for me.

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, but I've been distracted by a possible house move that could happen very soon.
The good news is that My Advertising Pays has already helped me financially by partially funding my buying and selling fees - but more of that later.

As you will be aware by now, MAP is pulling out of the USA. This is sad news for our American members, however the business is is doing it's best to compensate those that wish to claim a refund.

However, My Advertising Pays is going from strength to strength throughout Europe and beyond.
Dubai is the latest location to see the MAP Event roll (fly !) into town. 

All this high profile exposure and the launch of MAP 2.0 very soon is exciting news for the business as it moves forward and breaks the mould of the average revenue share programme -
something My Advertising Pays is definitely not! 

As for me; well even at 850 Active Credit Packs (up from 800 at the start of the month) - managed to withdraw $1400 whilst still building packs!
And that was in three weeks!  
I now intend to build on my packs for a short while and depending on my need to fund the upcoming house move, I may take out more money
BUT still gaining packs all the time.  

I will leave you now with some words from Mike Deese
and his vision for My Advertising Pays:

MyAdvertisingPays will only be the first of many subsidiaries (sister sites). Per our business plan, they will be rolled out in phases. Our objective, make the MAP brand a one stop shop for all of your online needs, whereby increasing our visibility and approach ever closer to making MAP a household name. I want to share something with you that I sent to my staff earlier today. It is an excerpt from an email and business plan synopsis, here are the excerpts;
“We are NOT just another ‘rev share’. Far from it. We are a brand, its footprint of which will become increasingly larger as we expand our operations. There is no comparison to MAP and what we will become. PERIOD. To put us in the class of ‘rev share’ is deplorable. Folks, get ready for something huge and I mean it. I want each of you to really get a grip on my Vision to make MAP a household name. We wont get there with just Myadvertisingpays. It will take a combination of innovative subsidiaries, services, and niches to reach household status. I wont rest until we’re there.
MyAdvertisingPays is the first of MANY sister sites to follow, encompassing many different niche’s, all flowing to our core site, systematically laying the groundwork for an up and coming Empire that is MAP and its network of sites. This is the beginning of something huge, and you are all essential for it to become a reality. I need hard work and dedication from each and everyone of you. Its not going to be easy, but I know together, we will succeed. If you could buy stock in MAP, I would highly advise you load up(!) because we are all in for quite the ride upwards and onwards. Take care of our members and they will take care of us. Let’s unite together and keep our noses to the grindstone, until all of our dreams become reality.”
I share this with you because I want each of to know, I am serious, I am ready, and I have a plan, a Vision, and will not rest until we get there. If you’re looking to make a quick buck on some overnight program, look elsewhere. If you want to be part of a Company that is going to revolutionize how people think about making serious money online…stick around, you’re in for a treat!
You need to GET in now!



Wednesday, October 7, 2015

MyAdvertisingPays - No Such Thing as a Free Lunch!

MyAdvertisingPays - No Such Thing as a Free Lunch!
Sorry to state the obvious, but why do people think you can get something out of nothing? Any new business just getting started, online or offline needs good old cash to kick-start it.
   I hate to use the word investment here, as MyAdvertisingPays is definitely NOT an investment, but to set up and grow any new venture there is an element of "investing" some time, effort and yes of course, money. 
In effect you are building up your assets, be that bricks and mortar, a new van full of tools or a certain amount of Credit Packs
Just like any finite thing in the real world, such as say -
 the rent/rates and upkeep of those bricks and mortar assets - 
the tyres and servicing on that new van or - 
those Active Credit Packs in MyAdvertisingPays,

they all don't last forever.
You have to look after them, maintain them, and eventually
once they have performed their job
replace them.

There is certainly nothing new or strange about this. It's just plain
obvious. (If a Credit Pack did last forever, that would be wierd).

So this takes us back to the original statement, especially when I hear or see comments on Social Media from people aghast at having to use some amount of money to get their foot in the door of online business, as if it is all going to happen overnight for free

Get over it people, if you want to make a change,
 you've got to change your whole mindset,
you're going to have to change the way you view things,
and YES
 you're going to have to use some money somewhere along the lines!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Facebook Is Making Money With Your Help.

Did you realise, Facebook are making huge amounts of money from YOU?
Does this make Facebook a Scam,
  and therefore, Myadvertisingpays, NOT? 
Figures show a 20% increase in the amount of advertising revenue generated by the average Facebook user.

 Did you realise this is why they're worth Billions of Dollars from the advertising,
 that YOU look at and click on?
Of course you've realised that get no share of the money spent on these adverts, yet you're the one doing the clicking, thereby boosting that business's SEO and profile.  

I'm with a company that DOES SHARE IT'S PROFITS
you can advertise there too if you wish.

So why not become part of the shift in thinking and practice.
Why not become a part of this massive movement where over 200,000 people have found out that they too can make money with My Advertising Pays.

Read on below about the profits from Advertising:
If you’ve been using Facebook recently, it may be time to ask for a raise. According to new figures from market-research website eMarketer, you’ve made the company over 20% more this year than you did in 2014.
The average Facebook user now generates $12.76 in advertising revenue every year, according to the analytics firm, up from $10.03 the year before. That figure is expected to rise still further, to $17.50 in 2017.
If you don’t use Facebook, you may be earning Twitter money instead. The company makes $7.75 per user, up from $5.48 last year, and its average revenue per user (ARPU) is expected to almost double over the next few years, to $12.56 in 2017.
Where you are matters an awful lot to how valuable you are to social networks, however. Break down the difference between Americans and the rest of the world, and it becomes immediately obvious why the US receives the bulk of the attention from Facebook and Twitter. While one Facebook user outside the US will make the site $7.71 this year, an American on the same site will earn it a whopping $48.76. A similar discrepancy exists for Twitter: ARPU is $3.51 everywhere but America, and $24.48 there.
Where will that extra money come from? Two places: advertisers paying more to sell products on social networks, and social networks working out more ways to show you adverts. It may seem like Facebook and Twitter have reached saturation point on the number of adverts they display, but with both sites constantly developing new products, there will always be new places to put ads.
As for advertisers paying more, that too can come for two reasons: supply and demand. As the opportunities for advertising directly to consumers shrink, with the death of print, the decline of broadcast media, and the rise of adblockers. Conversely, social networks are offering better and better deals to advertisers. The more information a site has on a specific user, the more valuable the ad space on their screen, and new and innovative styles of adverts also encourage advertisers to spend more (see, for instance, video adverts on both Facebook and Twitter for one example).
Of course, Facebook doesn’t actually pay you for all the money you make it. But some have argued that it should: musician and internet theorist Jaron Lanier argues that for every piece of data we hand over to “spy agencies”, as he calls Facebook and Google, we should be compensated.
The reason that monetising information is crucial, is that it’s the only path that creates moderation. People talk about rights and regulation. My concern is that those things can never keep up with computer programmers. Programmers move faster than the law. But monetising will do it,” he told Channel 4 in 2013.
Source: The Guardian

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Still Not Sure About My Advertising Pays - Look For Social Proof!

Still Not Sure About My Advertising Pays - Look For Social Proof. 
It's everywhere! 

If after all this time you still have your doubts that you really can make money with My Advertising Pays, then the place to look is on Social Media.
    It goes without saying that Facebook is the number one place to go to find loads of MAP related pages, groups and posts. 
Not only do they install a sense of proof and reliability in the business, and show that it quite obviously is not a scam,
but they're also the place to ask questions like minded people and members.

It also makes sense to join the groups, or be invited by an existing member so that you can see the day to day results and comments, advice and general good will that goes hand in hand with the whole My Advertising Pays community.

You can check out my Facebook page here.
But why not have a look at some MAP Groups such as this Scottish one:
My Advertising Pays Scotland or perhaps one of the main UK groups here.

And it doesn't stop there. There's more social proof to be found on sites such as Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Digg, Stumbleupon, YouTube and many more.

So don't just sit on the fence. Check out the wealth of positive, proactive success stories from some of the (almost)
  200,000 My Advertising Pays members!  

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The My Advertising Pays Referral Myth exposed!

The My Advertising Pays Referral Myth exposed!
Don't believe what you may have heard... 

It appears there are some people have a problem with the referral system, ie,
it seems to offend them that THE ONE LEVEL of potential commission you can receive is a scam, or in some way wrong.
However, MyAdvertisingPays is not an MLM company.

 Because it doesn’t pay commissions on multiple levels!
MyAdvertisingPays offers the one-level affiliate program through which you receive a lifetime commission through recommendation. This means that you receive a provision for each recommended person (referral) for all future products your referral 
When you introduce a person into MAP and that one person buys a credit pack, only you will get paid a referral commission from every time that person  purchase a credit pack, but not a person who invited you in MAP.
This means that if I invite you, I will earn commissions from products you purchase in MAP, or re-purchase from your account, but the person who sponsored me will not make any commissions from you.
Because receiving the shares in profits is not dependent on the affiliate program, it is not necessary to recommend MAP to anyone in order to receive shares in profit here. 
It is just an additional option!
So there you have it. One level is all there is with nothing to worry about
and no ever decreasing amounts of commissions, with the guy, (or girl!) at the bottom getting nothing.

What you do get is a wealth of help and advice from like minded people who all share in their knowledge and expertise so that anyone can be successful with My Advertising Pays.    

Friday, September 18, 2015

More My Advertising Pays Events In The UK.

Once again, this business (My Advertising Pays) goes from strength to strength with more and more local, regional national meetings and events taking place. 
MAP Events are the place to bring your prospects, friends, family and anyone who you think will see through the nonsense of the "alternative business" pluggers, sadly disguising their agendas under the banner of scam busting.
All very unprofessional, I'm sure you'll agree!

Here are the dates you need for your diary:

My Advertising Pays Regional Event 
Date: 22nd of September 2015
Location: West London
Address: TBC (Address will only be disclosed to ticket holders)…

My Advertising Pays Regional Event
Date: 23rd of September 2015
Location: North London
Address: TBC (Address will only be disclosed to ticket holders)…

My Advertising Pays (Simon Stepsys Mastermind Training Event)
Date: 6th of October 2015
Location: Nantwich (Cheshire)
Address: TBC (Address will only be disclosed to ticket holders)…

My Advertising Pays National Event
Date: 10th of October 2015
Location: London (Marble Arch)
Address: Address: TBC (Address will only be disclosed to ticket holders)…
If you are near any of these events, I highly reccomend you get along to one. Invite your prospects, clients, business partners and family too! 

IMPORTANT: More event details will be updated daily so please make sure to keep checking back for more MAP Events updates.