Thursday, April 30, 2015

FREE HOLIDAY MONEY from Myadvertisingpays!

Well it's holiday time in a week or so and the money I made in Myadvertisingpays will help very nicely with the spending money!
I withdrew just over 2 weeks worth of income, whilst maintaining my packs.
Not only that, the money was in my bank account within 4 days.

As you can see, I've now withdrawn nearly $4400, including the $700

However, as of NOW, it's back to repurchasing those packs with no more withdrawals. In fact I shall be taking "some action" very soon.


Friday, April 24, 2015


Hi folks, as you can see my Available Account Balance is sitting at $727. To be honest, I was going to let it run to say $1000 and then withdraw. But, I was having a short run of Credit Packs expiring quite close to each other (this is normal), so instead of losing too many packs, just to gain the $1000, I have opted to take out money now to maintain my 200 Active Credit Packs.
In fact I am now going back to repurchasing packs to build up the numbers.

As you can see (if do the maths), that I have withdrawn a further $755, making a grand total of $4367!
Remember, this was on 200 packs,
NOT - 
1200 packs
NOT  - Loads of referrals (only 3 active !)

So imagine the returns if you DID have 1200 packs!
Check out more info and sign up FOR FREE HERE

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Do you trust the politicians to sort out your future? (UK General Election - May 7th 2015)

Well the UK General Election on May 7th, draws ever nearer, with all the parties hustling for our attention and votes.
Although I always vote, I find increasingly difficult to stay interested in modern party politics. Already we've had several weeks of bickering and backstabbing, lies and counter lies. Lots of "He said, she said" and to be honest it's a complete turn off. On the whole I don't trust any of them, policy wise they all blur into one. It's a question of which is the best of a bad bunch.

 In the end, the only person responsible for your (my) future is you, not them!
Ultimately, politicians of all persuasions will more than likely make life difficult for ordinary working people.
If you want to better yourself, sometimes you have to take a chance, go out on a limb. Some people may ridicule you for it, whilst they sit back and do nothing. They're the one's who will never take action and actively do something to try and better their future.

On the other hand, you could like me take the bull by the horns and do something about it. If you've never made money on the internet before, then Myadvertisingpays is the place that you will.
If you want to sell or promote a website, service or product then you can do that too - and still make money!
If you want to improve the SEO of your site or blog, you can also do that too -
and still make money.
If you want to do all of the above, and even get involved with referring (though it's not necessary), then that's available too.
Or why not just do the lot!
Oh, and still make money with Myadvertisingpays.
Get in touch or just sign up and let your journey begin!
Regards Tim :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Myadvertisingpays fights back! No scam here - sorry!

For a while now there have been a few bloggers out there clutching at straws in an attempt to discredit Myadvertisingpays with little fact or knowledge. There are "places" where they post and comment, but the dialogue is always one sided and ultimately ends with venomous, (sometimes) obscene and desperately hateful language towards people they have never met.
If you agree, understand or couldn't care less about MAPS, that is your choice, but to be so vitriolic and in some cases, threatening seems a little sad. According to them, they are right and we are wrong. End of.

However, that is not the end of!
Interestingly, everyone in MAPS is getting paid.
I am not on 1200 packs.
I only have 4 active referrals, 3 of which are on less than 25 packs as we speak.
I am in profit.
I make sales in the Traffic Exchange.
I will have around $1200/$1500 to withdraw (my fourth withdrawal)
 at the end of this month.

These are my recent Clickbank sales, all real and all gained through the MAPS Traffic Exchange or banner ads.

As you can see, the figures speak for themselves.
If you wish, you can make this system work for you at any level.
Everyone has a choice, and if MAPS is not for you then fair enough.
So, if this interests you,
You have a positive outlook,
Want to take action, however great or small,

then join me and I'll show you how to make money with Myadvertisingpays.

Take care, Tim :)  


Monday, April 6, 2015

More Clickbank sales with Myadvertisingpays!

WOW! So excited. Made another 3 sales with Clickbank, using the Myavertisingpays Traffic Exchange.
Again, some might say that's not life changing money,
it's money I've made for the first time (apart from MAPS itself) and to me it
IS exciting.
It proves that anyone, even a regular working guy like me can make money with Myadvertisingpays. Not only that, I am currently in "banking mode" strategy, where I am able to build up my Available Account Balance by $50 per day with a target of $1500 by the end of April.
At the same time I should be able to maintain around 180 active Credit Packs, or possibly build on that total - time will tell.

I know what you may be thinking, "No Tim, keep repurchasing packs!"
Well as I've said before, I reckon there's no right or wrong way to do this.
As long as me, you, everyone can make some extra (or lots) of money.

If you want to get involved and take some action, however big or small,
then get in touch and I can help get you started on the same journey!  

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


 Hi there.

You see that a lot on various posts on social media about Myadvertisingpays, and this is true, BUT don't get too disheartened when you see some of the top leaders posting massive results.
Firstly, they probably DID take MASSIVE action.
Secondly, they probably do have mega email lists to contact potential referrals.
Don't let this put you off. The system works at any level, it's just that 1200 Credit Packs is the ceiling at which you have to stop repurchasing.
In reality you don't have to reach 1200 (in my view, although that has the ultimate earning potential).
It is perfectly feasible to make some money at any level of packs, just as I did a couple of months ago at 170 and 220 packs.

Not only that, I have made (albeit modest) some money through promoting products from Clickbank using an affiliate link in the

And a furthermore, you now have an extra chance of more income by taking part in the SPIN WHEEL GAME with a chance of winning the (current at the time of playing) jackpot!

Here's (an abridged) version of Tony Booths (MAPS Communications Officer)
recent Facebook post:


If any of this sounds of interest to you and you have:

 a - 5 minutes a day to click just 10 ads
b - Are prepared to take even modest action
c - Have a little patience
d - Can use a pc (well you're here lol)
laptop, tablet or smartphone

Then get in touch :)