Saturday, March 26, 2016

1200 MAP Diamond! Testimonial.

1200 MAP Diamond! 1200 MAPDiamond!

AND SO IT WAS...on a cold, wet, windy Easter Saturday, sat in an old leaky conservatory, at the back of the half renovated ruin we call home,
 I finally reached 1200 Credit Packs (Diamond) !!!
If it wasn't for my sponsor Bill Thomson, I probably wouldn't even be posting this, as it was Bill that introduced me to this business in the first place (the 2 of us having struggled and failed at other various online ventures over the years), and after several refusals from me!
The truth is, if I can do this, you can too!
I spent 12 years in the army, and I'm currently in my 30th year in Royal Mail.

I started with 30 credit packs in May 2014
 and in March 2016 I reached Diamond / 1200
My main reason for joining Map was to pay off my mortgage earlier,
but those ambitions have 
grown to, being more financially independent and just enjoy life more, plus I now want to help my family and friends enjoy the benefits of this business too!

after struggling and failing with previous online ventures, with my now sponsor Bill Thomson, I had all but given up on the idea finding anything out there that "really worked"

Bill showed me MyAdvertisingPays.
At first I point blank refused. I just couldn't be bothered with what I thought would be all the usual work and hassle.

after a month or two of watching Billy's account grow, and the simplicity of it all,
I had to accept something different was happening here!
So I took the plunge and joined and since then, I've never looked back.
The MAP team have always come good on their word and the future of the business can only get better.
When I first joined, the vision of 1200 packs seemed like a lifetime away,

the time has gone quicker than I expected and now that I'm at 1200,
I just want to tell people

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