Thursday, November 26, 2015

My Advertising Pays - You're never too old to start earning money online!

My Advertising Pays - You're never too old
to start earning money online! 

Check out this short video testimonial:
It just goes to show that anyone can get involved and make a little extra money online with My Advertising Pays. Currently this lady is on 300 packs, but in about a years time, on or around her 71st birthday, she should be on 1200 Active Credit Packs! 

As for me, I'm now at 938 as I write and hope to be on about 950 packs by the end of the month. 
With our imminent house move and the possible need for some extra cash for stuff for the house, I will have to make a decision sometime in December about my account.

The profit share from even 1000 Active Credit Packs is still a welcome addition to the household finances, so I will have to see how things are once we're settled in, and if maintaining 1000 packs is what I will do.
Decisions, decisions!

For example, even a conservative estimate of the Profit Share earnings whilst maintaining 1000 Credit Packs is around $1750 per month (Results not typical of course). That is approximately £1130 in GBP.

So I guess now it's down to how much my wife wants to spend on new stuff for the house!

Keep watching this space for more news,

Tim :)

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  1. You are so close, if you can keep building, then keep building, use a credit card for expenses now and then clear it when you hit diamond and withdraw some of the lovely cash!


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