Monday, December 14, 2015

My Advertising Pays Two Year Celebration in Cologne

My Advertising Pays Two Year Celebration in Cologne
The weekend of the 12th and 13th December 2015 is one to remember for all MAP members.
Well over 1200 members attended the MyAdvertisingPays two year party at the 
Stadthalle Köln Mülheim. There are so many pictures and videos available on various blogs and social media it would be impossible to show them all here.
However I have picked just some to show the incredible turnout, the amazing people, and the sheer commitment of those involved. 

Everyone is looking forward to another year of success, a new look website and new products. Remember too, when you see these incredible testimonials from highly successful leaders,
they have pulled out ALL the stops to reach their goals.
Their results are NOT typical. 

That DOESN'T mean that YOU can't be part of it.
On the contrary. 
As I've said time and again, you don't HAVE to be a Diamond on 1200 Active Credit Packs to make this work for you.

I personally know people on just a few hundred packs (and less in some cases) who are all having great success.You can make this business work for you at any level.
No referrals ? = No problem !
It may take a little longer, but you will still see results at whatever level you choose to aim for.
  Seeing the success of others should not be something to be jealous of.
You may wish to emulate them. You may just want to take some of their ideas and try it for yourself. You might just use them as an example to yourself (and others) to motivate yourself to better things.
I hope these pictures give you a flavour of the spirit of MyAdvertisingPays, the friendships, the commitment and the help everyone gives each other, working as a team to build better things.

If this has inspired you to take action - please get in touch - Tim :)         

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