Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The My Advertising Pays Referral Myth exposed!

The My Advertising Pays Referral Myth exposed!
Don't believe what you may have heard... 

It appears there are some people have a problem with the referral system, ie,
it seems to offend them that THE ONE LEVEL of potential commission you can receive is a scam, or in some way wrong.
However, MyAdvertisingPays is not an MLM company.

 Because it doesn’t pay commissions on multiple levels!
MyAdvertisingPays offers the one-level affiliate program through which you receive a lifetime commission through recommendation. This means that you receive a provision for each recommended person (referral) for all future products your referral 
When you introduce a person into MAP and that one person buys a credit pack, only you will get paid a referral commission from every time that person  purchase a credit pack, but not a person who invited you in MAP.
This means that if I invite you, I will earn commissions from products you purchase in MAP, or re-purchase from your account, but the person who sponsored me will not make any commissions from you.
Because receiving the shares in profits is not dependent on the affiliate program, it is not necessary to recommend MAP to anyone in order to receive shares in profit here. 
It is just an additional option!
So there you have it. One level is all there is with nothing to worry about
and no ever decreasing amounts of commissions, with the guy, (or girl!) at the bottom getting nothing.

What you do get is a wealth of help and advice from like minded people who all share in their knowledge and expertise so that anyone can be successful with My Advertising Pays.    

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