Wednesday, October 7, 2015

MyAdvertisingPays - No Such Thing as a Free Lunch!

MyAdvertisingPays - No Such Thing as a Free Lunch!
Sorry to state the obvious, but why do people think you can get something out of nothing? Any new business just getting started, online or offline needs good old cash to kick-start it.
   I hate to use the word investment here, as MyAdvertisingPays is definitely NOT an investment, but to set up and grow any new venture there is an element of "investing" some time, effort and yes of course, money. 
In effect you are building up your assets, be that bricks and mortar, a new van full of tools or a certain amount of Credit Packs
Just like any finite thing in the real world, such as say -
 the rent/rates and upkeep of those bricks and mortar assets - 
the tyres and servicing on that new van or - 
those Active Credit Packs in MyAdvertisingPays,

they all don't last forever.
You have to look after them, maintain them, and eventually
once they have performed their job
replace them.

There is certainly nothing new or strange about this. It's just plain
obvious. (If a Credit Pack did last forever, that would be wierd).

So this takes us back to the original statement, especially when I hear or see comments on Social Media from people aghast at having to use some amount of money to get their foot in the door of online business, as if it is all going to happen overnight for free

Get over it people, if you want to make a change,
 you've got to change your whole mindset,
you're going to have to change the way you view things,
and YES
 you're going to have to use some money somewhere along the lines!

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