Wednesday, December 16, 2015

My Advertising Pays - What Do You Consider To Be A Scam?

My Advertising Pays - What Do You Consider To Be A Scam?
Before you judge a product or service - make sure everything you see, touch, buy and own is perfect. 
Everyone has an opinion, to which they're entitled to. But many people will jump straight in with the time honored phrase, "Oh, it must be a scam (because I don't understand it)", without really taking much if any time to see how a business or opportunity actually works.
It's easy to criticize a new website as it goes through teething problems as "a sign" that there's something deeply un-holy about to happen and an indication of just how incompetent these "cowboys" must be. 

If you've been following this blog, you'll know we are moving house soon, although it has now been delayed for a week as the purchasers are waiting for their funds to be deposited to their bank. 

So, as with any house move there's always lots of "stuff" to do like changing insurance details, arranging the re-direction of mail, organizing a new telephone line etc. 

In the past week alone, I have encountered so many problems (some might say they're just badly run operation - some might even say they're scams) that we all take for granted - apart from the occasional moan to a work colleague. 

Take for example, changing the car insurance to the new address. This incurred a fee, when all they were doing was pressing a few buttons on a keyboard. Is this a scam? We moan about it, then accept it!

I tried to arrange a new phone line and broadband for our new house with a well known UK Postal Service (the biggest!).
Every time we tried use the website, we couldn't fill in many of the fields because we noticed there was a problem with the encryption of the "https"
causing errors. After several phone calls, emails and "rate our service today" surveys where I tried to tell them their site need fixed - it still isn't!
Is this incompetence and a sign they're up to no good?  

And two un-related but equally frustrating stories:

Lorna need a new battery for her car, so it Halfords (a large Uk motoring superstore chain) had the best deal and we attempted to shop online so we could collect the battery later.
No need to guess that there were problems with the sever and various error messages would appear.
   A badly maintained website,
 or just a glitch that probably got fixed at some point?

My point is, just like all these supposedly reliable big name high street chains, My Advertising Pays has had it's teething problems too.
The difference is they have ALWAYS fixed the problem.

Sadly, there are a few individuals who jump on the vaguest of issues to claim to the world that the site is about to crash and we're about to burn in the fires of hell!  

At the end of the day I can only continue to write my blog and show you how I personally am doing. If you like what you see, that's brilliant.
If you choose to join that's cool too. If it's not for you, then it's no problem.
"Taking action",  is a phrase I, and a lot of people on-line use, and it can sound a bit cheesy. But, the reality is, it's something you have to in whatever you choose to do in life. 

If you feel you've got that motivation in you to make that choice,
why not get in touch.
Hey, you could be better at it than me!              


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