Monday, December 21, 2015

Moving House Whilst My Advertising Pays Keeps On Working !

Moving House Whilst My Advertising Pays Keeps On Working !

Well the house move finally happened after a weeks delay, and now the real hard work begins! The builder and architect came out to measure up for the extension, which we hope to have completed around summer time next year.
So what has my My Advertising Pays account being doing all the time we were busy loading and un-loading vans?
Making money!
Crazy eh? But it's true. Of course this happens everyday, but whilst I've been sidetracked with all the stuff that comes with moving house, my account has still grown.  
 I had to take "Vacation Time" too as we weren't sure if and when we would get an internet connection (now the 7th February!).
And what of my "Income Test" for December?
Well as at midnight of the 21st, I had a little over $2200 built up in my Available Balance.
This is in line with my $100 average profit per day at around 940 Credit Packs.

Now, as (quite rightly) MAP support staff are taking their Christmas break, I may have a slight change of plan and withdraw on the 23rd December, just so that (with the two holidays) I have the money in my bank account by the New Year.
   With this in mind I hope to withdraw a minimum of $2300 and possibly a little more. We'll have to wait and see! 

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