Tuesday, December 8, 2015

My Advertising Pays - I Don't Think It's Working!

My Advertising Pays - I Don't Think It's Working!

I know it's working!
Week One of my December income test whilst maintaining around 945/950 Active Credit Packs (note NOT 1200) is over and all I can say the Profit Share has brought in more than my normal day, well night, job!

"How can that be?", the baying crowd scream!
"But you haven't got the maximum number of Credit Packs, we've told everyone you MUST have the maximum!". Well I haven't!
"Err, well you must have LOADS of referrals,
 that brings in the real money eh?".
 Well no I don't, sorry to disappoint you!
"Well it must be the money from new members that pays you then, yeah that's what it is!". Oh, okay, so new people obviously do join, but their money alone would never cover the cost of paying out to the likes of myself, let alone all the Diamond members on 1200 Packs. 
And let's face it there will be many more people sitting quite happily at lower levels, just maintaining their packs and drawing a modest income.

In the end, it's all a matter of choice, personal choice.
The choice of deciding which path you want to go down, what you believe in and the belief in yourself. 
In the end it's down to using the real traffic that
MyAdvertisingPays provides, and using it.
Using to whatever advantage suits your needs.
It may be that you don't necessarily even want to advertise a product to sell,
BUT just want to drive traffic to another website or blog,
just like this one.
And why would you do that alone? To boost your sites SEO.
 To get more "hits".
To get that site ranked, especially in Google,  and push it higher up the search engine results.
Even with my limited experience and knowledge, I know this works because I have done it!

Proof, Progress, Results - That's what matters, you only have to ask the real My Advertising Pays members.
Other views are available, but they don't want you to benefit from MAP!      

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