Wednesday, November 11, 2015

900 Active Credit Packs - Will I Go For Diamond?

900 Active Credit Packs - Will I Go For Diamond?

Well I hit 900 Active Credit Packs!

Not my most flattering picture, but at least Tess looks good!
Anyway I now have a dilemma. I could maintain my 900 packs for the rest of this month (2 weeks), in fact I could maintain that for ever if i wanted.
That amount of packs alone would earn approximately
$2200 or £1400 A MONTH!

That's right, My Advertising Pays could provide that.

Now I did say I was considering doing that, just to bring a little extra in whilst we move house...
I continue to build up my packs, it's perfectly reasonable to assume I could be on 1200 packs not long after the New Year, and that is very tempting!

So, what would you do?

My gut feeling is to continue now as I am so close to the goal of maxing out at 1200. I've already proved the system, made sales in the Traffic Exchange and withdrawn money several times.

This is, potentially life changing stuff folks.
Yeah it may not be in the realms of the top earners, the big names in internet marketing or the the online guru's that claim all sorts of stuff.

BUT, to an ordinary guy like me, this is paying off the mortgage earlier,
helping my kids financially and planning for my family's future.
Potential financial freedom.

I'm sure we've all thought about this and looked for ways to reach those goals.

There are no guarantees in life, but personally, I think I've found one way to get that little bit closer to what I hope to achieve.

Below is a short video and one My Advertising Pays members story of how he achieved his goals...

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  1. There's nothing ordinary about a guy like you, I'd choose the word, 'extraordinary'. I know I'm late to the party and that later blogs may cover what you did, but at this point I say Build it to the max! In the meantime, I continue reading in the order in which you posted.


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