Friday, September 4, 2015

More Ways To Earn With The My Advertising Pays Spinwheel!

More Ways To Earn With The My Advertising Pays Spinwheel!

MyAdvertisingPays gives registered users a chance to win cash too. Simply register your free account, got to the Spin Wheel menu and click on the big wheel. After you watch an advert, the wheel spins and you get a chance to win the jackpot.
Simple, fun and free. Want a try? Let me know.

Right now the Jackpot is at $208, maybe more as I write.
Hang on, I bet you're thinking, "But why do I have to watch an advert first before I can spin the wheel?" that sounds like a scam!

Well, do you ask yourself the same question when you have to watch an advert on Youtube before you can watch the video
you really want to watch?

Probably not, but the same principle applies.
It's just marketing which we all accept. Advertising is everywhere, but not all the revenue is shared with YOU! 

So why not take a fresh look at advertising. Check out a business where a share of the profits are given back to you, at the same time as you can advertise products/offers etc, yourself. 


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