Monday, September 14, 2015

195000 Members And More Successful MAP Events!

WOW! Nearly 195000 members are now seeing the benefits
 of this amazing, life changing business. 

Not only are more people joining My Advertising Pays, but even more successful MAP Events have been held, with more coming soon.
Just this weekend another MAP Event was held in London, with great turnout and a really professional looking set up.

Also coming up on the 26th September is an Event it Alicante, Spain.

And then the big one! On the 13th December in Cologne, Germany
the 2 Year Anniversary Event will be held.
Unbelievable how the time runs. We can still remember how we started last year when MAP was just 6 weeks old.
And now? There’s life in the old dog yet! Amazing how this company developed, which obstacles and problems it overcame.
On the internet 2 years are a damn long time. Someone who sustains so long despite critics, imitators and prejudices and who pays his partners steadily and on time, has not just good chances to survive but also the chance to set a milestone for the internet’s future.
Today My Advertising Pays stands more stable than at any point of it’s history, thanks to Mike Deese, to the management, to the Support and to you as loyal Mapper who held his head high even in bad times.
Barely 200.000 members in only 20 months is beautifully insane!
Reason enough to party hard.
This event is really something special. We are not only speaking about great current topics, we also have unimaginable news and a view to next year  which will probably make you become prouder than you are already.
And we have a very special surprise which you will only see live.
Enough reasons to save you a ticket and a seat NOW, because the seats are limited and we will soon be sold out. 

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