Monday, September 7, 2015

New My Advertising Pays Scottish Diamond Member With 1200 Active Credit Packs.

CONGRATULATIONS to my friend and sponsor, Bill for reaching 1200 in MAP!

After 17 months, Bill my sponsor, has at last reached 1200 Active Credit Packs. Bill has been trying to make money online for several years now, but it seems like he's finally found out
 how to make money with My Advertising Pays!  
I think things will change for him from now on, and hopefully more people will see the potential benefits of the business.
With just Profit Share alone, he his right now earning approximately $800+ per day (Results Not Typical). 

As for me, I am on 785 Active Credit Packs, and hope to be up to 900 by the end of the month. This will be my next milestone, and also a great incentive for me to show ex-military friends (I will be meeting on the 3rd October for a reunion) just how powerful an opportunity My Advertising Pays is

But, as I have stressed many time before in this site, the system works at any level, and I could stop at 900 Packs and maintain that level and draw on the excess (after re-purchasing).
So even at a profit of .50c per pack - per day at 900 packs, would leave a profit of approximately $1577 in my Available Account Balance to withdraw.
 (Results Not Typical) 

The finish line is getting so close now, and whether I stick at 900 packs (though I'd rather not) or continue on to 1200, it's getting quite exciting knowing you can earn money like this online. 
If you'd like to join me and earn money online too, maybe for the first time, then get in touch and I can show you exactly what I am doing.   

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