Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Is My Advertising Pays a Scam? What makes you think it is?

Is Myadvertisingpays a scam?

Once again, the (extremely) small minority of mud slingers have been at it with a mind numbingly dull and frankly uninformative article in
the Sunday papers recently.
Now, hey what do I know about anything. I'm fairly new to all this, but what I can tell you is MAP works, I have made and withdrawn money and intend to continue to do so. 

I don't know why (well I have my theories) Advertising Executives with many years of experience running apparently busy successful Advertising Agencies, find the time or inclination to try and discredit
  My Advertising Pays

Most people have failed chapters in their lives and most move on. 
But, for some reason some folks reckon other peoples mistakes are far worse than their own

Is it jealousy, have they missed the boat or is it badness - who knows, but spending time and energy in a bid to "Save us all", seems a little contrived.
Or are there other forces at work here, including a hint that they have the ultimate, most fantastic, totally legal, honest and trustworthy business that ever existed, and of course everything else is crap!

Of course everything in the internet is scam right?

Wrong, but who do you believe?
A couple of angry people with too much time on their hands (remember they have a hot line to the FBI - yeah right!)
or nearly 200,00 people all actively using the business, making money and showing as such with social proof.

There's plenty to be found without me doing that here. 

There's nothing wrong with criticism and discussion, but mud slinging, name calling and trying to discredit ordinary folks trying to better themselves is sad and quite frankly, playground stuff!   

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