Tuesday, July 21, 2015

MyAvertisingPays Google Hangout - MUST SEE! - MUST SEE!

Monday 20th 2015, saw the first Motivational Monday Google Hangout,
hosted by new Black Diamond member, Dennis Cole.

Several of the top leaders were present in the Google Hangout, all with brilliantly inspiring and motivational stories of their journey and success with MyAvertisingPays.

There also an exciting twist to the hangout as one of the speakers, purchased 6 Credit Packs live, taking him to the magic 1200! 
Not only that, because one of his team were already Diamond (1200 packs), he automatically became a Blue Diamond! How cool is that?

Just watch for yourself, and think, "Just maybe, I could be a part of this?".

You will see the possibilities in MyAdvertsingPays are fantastic.

Of course,  a lot of money can be made from Profit Share and Referral Commission with MyAdvertisingPays, but most commented on the brilliant traffic you get too!
 Remember, MyAdvertisingPays SELLS TRAFFIC. 
That's it's job first and foremost. Obviously the important benefit is receiving
a small share of the profits that the company gives back to you,

So if it's Traffic you're looking for - MyAdvertisingPays IS FOR YOU!

Remember, get 550 Credits with every Credit Pack you purchase.

Then you get even more FREE CREDITS as you re-purchase more packs,
it's a No Brainer!

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