Friday, July 17, 2015

My Advertising Pays Hits Record High with over 70 MILLION Hits Per Month!

WOW !!! MAP has hit a record high of over 70 MILLION hits per month!
There's also been over 1,000+ withdrawals per DAY by happy MAP members!
And the membership is now just short of 170,000!
The business is on track to hit 300,000+ members by the end of this year!
And even more exiting, it's on track to hit ONE MILLION+ members
 within the next 18 months!
MyAdvertisingPays is also on track to hit ONE BILLION DOLLARS IN SALES
 within the next 18 months!!!
Anyone from fed up factory workers to full time, stay at home Mum's are enjoying the benefits of being a MAP member. If it's just a little extra cash every month,
or a complete full time income, the potential for everyone
 to make money with My Advertising Pays is there. 

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