Tuesday, July 21, 2015

MyAdvertisingPays is a PONZI, Right?

MAP sells more advertising to external businesses than it does to it's  members, so money DOES come in from elsewhere.

Go ahead, try and explain it to me then! 

 Okay, here's how it works:
If MAP sold $10,000 worth of advertising to an external customer for example, they would keep 5% ($500), to pay for the running of the programme, 
and the other 95% ($9,500), goes into a separate account.
This account is the ‘reserve fund’ that is paid to us as Profit Share Earnings.

So, active members who buy advertising Credit Packs and click on just 10 ads daily will get a share of this money.

So for example, if you came to me, signed up
 and bought 50 Credit Packs (around $2,500)

As your sponsor on the PrimeTime membership level,
I would earn 10% commission:  $250

MyAdvertisingPays, would take 5% of the remaining money:  $2,250 x 5% = $112.50

And, 95% of the remaining money
would go to the Reserve Fund for Profit Share: $2,137.50

So now that you have 50 Credit Packs, you also get 27,500 Advertising Credits to use in the Traffic Exchange and there you can place an unlimited 
number of adverts to wherever and whatever you like. Assuming an average Click Through Rate you will get around 3,000 visitors to your offers.

PLUS, if you remember to click on 10 ads each day,
you also qualify for a share of that reserve fund.
So as you have 50 Credit Packs, you would receive
around 50 x $0.50 (not fixed and just for this illustration – no guarantees )
 per day = $25.00

Note; If it was a fixed payment of $0.50 it would take 120 days for your packs to pay out $60.00 each and expire, but they are not fixed.

So for now, let’s assume you keep earning $25 a day as you have 50 Credit Packs.
Of the $25, 5% goes into your Advertising Fund ($1.25),
and the 
remaining $23.75 goes into your Available Balance..

The same thing will also happen on the following day,
 as long as you clicked on 10 ads again.

Now, when you reach $49.99 in your Available balance, you can repurchase a new Credit Pack, which gives you more advertising Credits.
So, as you continue repurchasing (every time you reach $49.99) it gives you a
 never-ending supply of ad Credits, and as you end up with even more Credit Packs, you will get paid more 
more Profit Share from the Reserve fund.

Of course, you could let you money build up and withdraw it.

As the Reserve fund is a separate account from the MAP’s  business account,
should everyone choose to withdraw their earnings,
it would 
not affect MAPs.

Now some would argue: Hey, if no external customers happened to buy advertising, and no internal customers bought advertising then yes, no money would come in, and therefore – no profit!

Err, Just like any business then– no selling, no earning.

However, the figures speak for themselves
and the online advertising industry on the up:

The news article is about Google’s profits and share price rise based on the fact that advertising revenue is up.

But, in order to place ads on Google you need to open an AdWord account and fund it.

The difference with Google and MAP is Google KEEPS all the money for themselves, MAP gives 95% back.

Sounds good to me, which is why I am currently earning
around $400 per day, and rising (results not typical).

If you want to get involved in the advertising revolution,
either to promote your offer or website, or to improve your SEO.
you just want to earn some extra money online
then get in touch and I will do my best to help.    

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