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Another Explanation of My Advertising Pays.

Firstly, I would like to point out that the following statement is not from My Advertising Pays itself and only represents my own personal opinion.

My Advertising Pays has the same interests as any other company.
And that is to generate revenue through product sales.

So like any other business, this is the only way a company can cover their costs such as:
- personnel - maintenance & care,
as well as  ensuring that the profit share can be kept going.

Therefore (just like any business) It is logical to assume that: no revenue = no profit share!

The profit share (PS) is the name for a sharing of gains on the world-wide sales of the following described products within MAP.

The only prerequisite for participating in the profit share is to own at least one credit pack as well as clicking and viewing 10 advertising pages (text ads) per day.

As soon as you have completed those 10 clicks, no other action is necessary and every 20 minutes a share in profits will be credited to your account.

The amount of the profit share is dependent
 on the respective number of credit packs each member owns.

The maximum limit for everyone is 1200 credit packs.
You get 1 share in profits per credit pack.
The more credit packs, the higher is the number of shares in profit you will receive.
1 credit pack = 1 share in profits
10 credit packs = 10 shares in profit
100 credit packs = 100 shares in profit
The amount of the respective share in profit is variable, because it depends on the amount of the world-wide revenue.

MyAdvertisingPays offers a one-level affiliate program through which you receive a so-called life time commission through recommendation.
That means that you receive a provision for each recommended person (referral) for all future product buys that your referral executes.

MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) is therefore NOT a network marketing or MLM, because it doesn't pay commissions on multiple levels!

Because the shares in profits are not depending on the affiliate program, it is not necessary to recommend MAP to anyone in order to receive shares in profit.

HOWEVER, It is just an additional option!

Product types:

Credit packs (CP)
With each credit pack you buy you'll receive 550 traffic credits (and 10 credit booster). With this product you can place text ads which = 550 impressions (ad views) per CP.
From these ads every member who wants to profit from the sharing in profits
 must choose 10 ads and view them.

Banner ads

Here, you can choose from different size banners and decide on which places on the platform
 the banners are to be shown.

The banners are rotating and therefore advertising space can be booked several times simultaneously.

Pop-under guaranteed visitors
This is a product that displays your Web site if, for example, a member is logging in to their back office. The member will see your Web site before being transferred to the internal area.
With over 176.000 members by now, that are statistically logging in 2 to 3 times daily, this product has a gigantic potential to generate massive traffic.
There are several options available here too with different numbers of visitors.

Spin Wheel guaranteed visitors
The Spin Wheel is (for want of a generic description) the wheel of fortune type game
 from MyAdvertisingPays.

This is free, and each member can win money prizes and even a Jackpot.
Because of this, it is used every day from almost all 176.00 members.

For the Spin Wheel to actually spin, everyone has to watch an advertising page first.
That too creates gigantic potential for advertising.
You can book this product with 2000 guaranteed visitors.
Notice here too that this product is rotating and therefore advertising space can be booked several times simultaneously.

Credit boosters
You can also buy separately credit boosters (10 of them are also part of each credit pack).
With credit boosters you can lengthen the time your Web site will display when started with the text ads (from the standard 10 to 30 seconds).
That demonstrably increases the sales quote of products that are offered or advertised on the respective Web site.

Extra services:

Vacation Time
Every member has the option to buy 60 days of vacation per year (from clicking 10 ads a day) (that costs $5 per day).
That frees you from clicking 10 ads per day for this time and you will still receive the profit shares, 
if you own at least 1 credit pack.
This does not generate commissions from referrals.

Membership fees
The first 30 days after the registration are free.
After that everyone can choose between different membership options. Every membership option includes different offers from free banners to different percentages for referral commissions.

For example: The basic membership costs $24.99 per year
For that you'll get 6% referral commissions, you can own up to 150 credit packs total and you'll receive every month a coupon code for an advertising banner 125x125 pixel size for one day.
125x125 banners are usually costing $12.99/day x 12 months = $155.88.
$155.88 - $24.99 = $130.89 savings or additional value...
Again, these do not generate commissions from referrals.

All mentioned products can be booked separately.

That is why the company generates revenues that flow to 100% into the reserve fund first.

From there, 5% are goes into the company fund which finances maintenance,
further developments and personnel etc.

4 to 10% are paid out as referral commissions.
The remaining 85 to 91 % are flowing into the profit sharing pool (PSP).

The PSP finances the profit share.

The amount of the profit share varies over time because it is dependent on the respective world-wide revenues earned.

This ensures that the profit share payments can never be higher than the earned revenues.

To clarify the following representation better, ie, (what would happen if MAP did not gain any new members), you have to look at the respective interests of the users of MyAdvertisingPays.

So what are the interests of a MAP member, if he or she is buying credit packs?
First and foremost, I hope of course, that the focus is on the advertising opportunities, because MyAdvertisingPays IS NOT an investment company.

However, members can of course increase their share in profits via quantitative measures.

But the following fact proves that the focus does not SOLELY lie with the profit shares:

The focus lies clearly on the achieved traffic.

It is this verifiable fact that is the basic prerequisite and is absolutely essential for the company.

People are willing to spend money for a product!

Another key criteria is that these are so called consumption products:
 Credit packs that expire after they earned their goal value,
 Credit packs that contain a specific and limited number of traffic credits (550 credits/pack).
 Advertising banners that are shown during a certain period of time
 Guaranteed visitors that guarantee a specified number of visitors

So let's imagine for example:
That the credit packs would NOT expire,
 The advertising banners would run ENDELESSLY
 You could place an INFINITE number of text ads with the credit packs
 The number of guaranteed visitors would be UNLIMITED.

THEN, there would be no incentive to repurchase the products!

Because these are consumption products, a sustainable, economical business is created
 between offerings and demands.

Therefore, this ensures that, even in times where no new members join,
 this business loop is not interrupted.

Why ? - Because customers that are willing to pay money for products
that are already there in numbers.

And the quality of the MAP products can be sustained as well, because, members are willing to generate traffic by clicking and viewing ads daily because their sharing in profits continues,
 and because money has been paid for advertising.

Even if the products are paid from the earned PS, this does not represent a direct problem.

Because of the fact that the earnings exceed the spending as well as the paying of profit shares by multiples via an economically sound acting business leadership, namely:

 MAP also has Income from membership fees
 Recurring sales of these consumption products
(traffic credits, advertising banners, guaranteed visitors)
 Vacation bookings
Limit to a maximum of 1200 credit packs per person.

As well as the fact that 85 to 91% of the world-wide revenue, flows into the profit share pool,.
the revenue volume of the reserve fund of MyAdvertisingPays has grown since its company launch
so that the payment of profit shares is secured for decades to come.

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