Wednesday, July 29, 2015

$1000 in 3 Days, with My Advertising Pays!

Yeah, it's true. I was away from home for just three days, and earned $1000 in profit share with My Advertising Pays!
How did I do it?

Quite simple really. I was already on 600 Active Credit Packs, so the daily profit share was pretty good. I had taken out "Vacation Time" as I would be unable to access the internet when I was away,
and on my return, there was enough money in my Available Account Balance
 to re-purchase 20 more Credit Packs

So whilst I was away at The Wickerman Festival in the South West of Scotland, enjoying myself with family and friends - I was still earning money!

NOW it's important to remember,
that the $1000 was AVAILABLE MONEY.
Had I wanted I could've withdrawn that very easily, whilst maintaining a level of Credit Packs. However, as I am aiming higher than my current level of packs (at the time of writing - 641), I chose to re-purchase MORE packs, which in turn earn MORE profit share (because I now have MORE packs).

This business really is a game changer and if you want to be part of it just get in touch and I'll help you get started.

Hey, I'm pretty sure if an ordinary night shift worker
 like me can do this, 
then anyone can!  

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