Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Great online business oppportunies - Make Money with My Advertising Pays.

Hi guys, thought it was about time for an update on my progress as I make money with my advertising pays. Firstly I'd like to draw your attention to an event being held offline, on Wednesday 6th August at the Mercure Blackburn, Foxfields Country Hotel. This is an offline presentation being hosted by Tony Booth of My Advertising Pays.
This is a great opportunity to see first hand just what a fantastic business this is, and get help, advice and support, face to face. Remember, if you can click a mouse, you can earn with us.

Of course, if you can't make it to the event, you can always browse through this blog and contact me for more information through the usual channels. 

It's never too late to start to make money with my advertising pays. It's free to join and you could be making money in 20 minutes. 
And just to prove how easy it is, without even trying as hard as other more market focused members, take a look at my latest stats screenshot below.

I am now well over my intial input into the business, in fact if I was (foolish enough) to stop repurchasing Credit Packs, and purely let the profit share money build in my Available Account, I would make roughly £500 clear profit.

BUT, why stop there?

It takes 5 minutes of my time, it's certainly NOT HARD WORK, and there is great community support amongst various Facebook groups and other members.

YES, without a doubt, I had to use some capital to get the ball rolling, but there aren't many (if any) business opportunities that just suddenly appear for free. You are going to have put something into any new business venture, whether it's offline bricks, mortar, equipment, vehicles etc, or online such as My Advertising Pays. 

It's too easy to sit back, criticise and do nothing.
So why not join me, us and see what the fuss is all about ?

Hope to see in M.A.P.s sometime soon,

My Advertising Pays, It Pays To Be On M.A.P!


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