Tuesday, July 1, 2014

$1500 ! - 60 Credit Packs ! - Panic as M.A.P.s website crashes!

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Also, today the M.A.P.s website crashed for a little while, causing some members to possibly panic. Most had faith though, and lo and behold, after a couple of hours the panic was over and normal business resumed. An email was sent out to all members explaining what happened.
So in my view this surely shuts up the nay sayers, as if there was something dubious going on, they could have pulled the plug then, if not ages ago!

Here's the email in full:

"Hello all,

Whew! What a day. One of our hard drives became corrupted earlier causing our CPU to max out a 100%, which caused our site to be inaccessible for a few hours. The good news is we have it fixed now. It took just over 3 hours to get this situation under control. We apologize for any inconveniences during this time. One thing is for certain, technology will fail us from time-to-time.

VX Withdrawals

VX just recently uploaded a new module to their Remittance section that uses different information to validate withdrawals because the old data was causing too many FAILS. This has now been completed. All current withdrawal requests in queue are being denied due to this change. Just simply resubmit your request and these will be paid by today's end. There should be no further delays after this and also fewer fails.

One reason that will cause a WD request to VX to fail is if your VX Loop acct. number in your MAP Profile and your MAP username do not match up. Please ensure you have the correct Loop acct. number in your MAP Profile.

STP Withdrawals

We had to take this down for maintenance. STP withdrawals will be back online by this weeks end.

Thanks for everyone's patience. If you had a VX withdrawal request put in, please resubmit it. Have a great week everyone!"

What more could anyone ask I wonder. If your car breaks down, you get it fixed. If your washing machine blows up, you get it fixed. Stuff happens in life and you have to deal with it.

So now that we know the guys at admin are on the case, be positive and look to the future.
You can make money with my advertising pays, and all you need to do to take that first step, is contact me through the links on the right, or click the link below to get started,   

Cheers, Tim. 

My Advertising Pays, It Pays To Be On M.A.P!

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