Thursday, August 14, 2014

3 Month progress results with My Advertising Pays and Advertising tips.

Hi again folks, Tim here. It's about time for another blog update, and it's now three months since I started to make money with my advertising pays!
So far, everything has gone smoothly. I'm on target I reckon to be on or over 100 Credit Packs by September, by which time my first 30 packs will expire.
I also "acquired"  some free money from another source (A nice little bet on Edinburgh football team, Hearts to beat Glasgow team, Celtic !) which allowed me to purchase 3 more packs!
 You can also see from my stats, that I'm close to $3000 earned. Considering I only have 2 active referrals that's ok.

I'm not a big gung-ho internet guru, come marketer like some members who are racing ahead.

However, just to prove it can be done with few or no referrals,
check out this video from MAP's member,
 Ian Vanderhyde on the Facebook group: 
Simon Stepsys MyAdvertisingPays Success Group

See Ian's video: HERE 

I also found this helpful video on Youtube, showing how to place text and banner ads in My Advertising Pays.


I've also started using the Monthly Product Codes that you get as part of your membership, depending on what level you chose. I have been placing some Text ads in the Traffic Exchange page, but I thought I'd try my hand at a banner ad. I created my own little 125 x 125 banner in Photoshop, and got an Amazon Affiliate product code to place as the URL to send any visitors to. Again, I'm not really an internet marketer, so I'm just dabbling with this stuff. Obviously, with a little more knowledge and experience, someone with the right skills could use the Traffic Exchange to get better results than me!   

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