Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My Advertising Pays just keeps getting better!

It's been interesting times recently in the life of the My Advertising Pays website. There have been a couple of minor teething problems but,  and this may come as a surprise to some sceptics out there, they were fixed within hours I believe.
The site has also seen a few upgrades and tweeks, with extra features and the addition of full VX Gateway compatibility.  

Just recently, Support had to deal with some software issues around the "Timer", but yet again this was fixed as soon as possible. Just to underline the M.A.P.s commitment to being transparent, below is the transcript of a conversation between my sponsor, Bill, and Chief Communications Executive of My Advertising Pays, Tony Booth.
Bill - "Hi. I've been with MAPs since 5th April, and started buying packs when and how I could - 272 in total! I'm now at the point where I can take some money out when I need it and still grow my account. I love MAPs, and it's reassuring to see that during the time I've been with the company there have been 3 issues and/or crashes of note, and each time, as promised they have been resolved.
Every time there's been a promise of an upgrade, it's happened.

[20:12:29] William (Bill) Thomson: Every time there's been a problem - it's been fixed.

[20:12:55] William (Bill) Thomson: The plug could have easily been pulled - but is hasn't.

[20:13:14] William (Bill) Thomson: MAPs has earned my trust.

[20:13:20] William (Bill) Thomson: Thank you".

And again, today Tony posted this on Facebook:

Yes we have a great surprise for everyone today. The Guaranteed Visitors has sold out. Not only are these ad spaces great for members but external advertisers want their space too !!!"

Again, this is great news and can only reinforce people's view of M.A.P.s and it's integrity.

Remember, you can see all this open conversation on various Facebook groups such as:

So far so good it seems, and I'm perfectly happy with the way things are going. For the record , I'm very close to the $2000 mark in 8 weeks.  This does seem to be a real opportunity for ordinary people to make money with my advertising pays, and judging by my results and those of other members who post on Facebook, they seem to be doing well too!

Sometimes in life you have to make a decision
 and take some action to change your life for the better.

Joining My Advertising Pays, could be the decision that DOES change your life!

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