Wednesday, August 5, 2015

My Advertising Pays Earns Me Enough To Buy A Bentley.

If I said I could show you
 how to make money with My Advertising Pays
 earn enough to buy a Bentley
, would you believe me?

Well the truth is one of the top leaders in MAP, has made enough to buy a brand new Bentley! 
Obviously, these kind of results are not typical, in fact some of the ill informed, Myadvertisingpays - scam sites, would claim that there are NO results.
Of course, anyone involved with My Advertising Pays knows different!.

It doesn't matter what level of Credit Packs you're at, how much you promote, how much you advertise other products on the Traffic Exchange, or how great or little you're experience of online marketing is.
The truth is, (in my experience with MAP) that you will make money.
The truth is, (as I see it) if you take more action you will see faster results.
The truth is, (in my eyes) if you choose to advertise aswell,
you will earn extra money.  

Sadly, a minority out there, who simply cannot see MAP as a genuine advertising platform, where genuine adverts for genuine offers are placed, and where genuine people get genuine results
Some may get greater results with their marketing than others - so what!

Take my modest results with Clickbank for example below:

Okay, it's not going to buy me a Bentley, but I have found (another) a way to make money with My Advertising Pays

In effect I now have FREE ADVERTISING in MAP, as I gain more Advertising Credits each time I re-purchase another Credit Pack - Brilliant! 

Conclusion: Is it a scam...No!
Can you make money...Yes!
Is the Traffic real...Yes!

Could you buy a Bentley...Yes, if you work hard enough at it!


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