Friday, August 7, 2015

A low Cost Way To Promote My Advertising Pays!

Here's a simple way to share your MAP Business

You're probably looking for a low cost or even free way to promote and share you MyAdvertisingPays business with others, If you are, here's one way to do it as shown by my hard working sponsor, Bill Thomson:

1 – Lets use, The 5×5 Presentation

Lot's of MAP members like to share (what we call)
 the 5×5 Presentation.
The 5×5 is a series of presentations on the one website in various languages. Remember that the link that is given out needs to be PERSONALISED with YOUR unique MAP referral number.
  1. 1 - Log into you MyAdvertisingPays account and under the Promotions Centre (Left Hand Menu) you will see a link called: M.A.P Banners/Referral Link.
  2. 2 - Using copy and paste, take your unique number that’s at the end of your referral link and replace the xxxxxx at the end of the 5×5 like below with your number.
  3. 3 - Go to GoDaddy and buy a new domain name that yo like and can use in other formats ie, business cards, flyers or blog name etc.
  4. 4 - Then following the instructions in the video, mask your unique 5×5 link with your new domain name.
  5. 5 - Share your new domain name to the people you want to send to the 5×5 presentation.
The 5×5 link:

Remember – to replace the xxxxxx with your unique MAP referral number

Let Bill show you how it's done!:

So to recap, Bill showed you how he:
       1 - Turned unmemorable link:
            into this link

  1. 2 - By buying a domain name from GoDaddy and using Forwarding with Masking
  2. 3 - Enabling me to easily share the MAP 5×5 presentation with anyone
  3. 4 - Remember to replace my referral number at the end of the 5×5 link with your unique referral number before you mask it.

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