Monday, August 10, 2015

After A Two Day Break I Find This In My Account Balance!

Over the weekend I went away walking and wild camping in the Scottish Highlands. When I came home, I logged into My Advertising Pays
and found this in my Available Account Balance!

I had taken two days Vacation Time, as I would be unable to click any MAP ads due to the lack of signal up in the mountains, and I had only dropped a couple of Credit Packs too. So I had maintained around 700 Credit Packs too!

Not bad eh? Oh and despite what you may or may not hear from some unreliable sources, that Available Balance IS REAL, and if I had wished to do so, I could have withdrawn it without any hassle.
 However, as I have said previously, for the foreseeable future, I intend to aim for re-purchasing more Credit Packs.

So, whilst I was away doing this:


I was still earning from the My Advertising Pays Profit Share!

Real Traffic
Real Ads
Real Profit Share

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