Saturday, June 20, 2015

Myadvertisingpays Regional Leaders and 18 Month Anniversary London Event.

Regional Leaders

MyAdvertisingPays is growing fast! Did you know that 

of the 160,000 members, 75,000+ are from Germany?!

They have some really superb systems in place over

there, and with the blessing of Mike Deese, who created

MAPs for us,the ordinary people, those systems are 
coming to the UK, then to the rest of the world!

By next year, MAPs will be a billion dollar company in

a multi billion dollar industry, and you are a part of this!

Every member is important!

So a new way of promoting MyAdvertisingPays is coming!

A new standardised presentation is on its way, as are

Regional Leaders who's roll it is to make sure MAPs 
is promoted correctly, hold events within their regions,
and support you!

18 Month Myadvertisingpays Anniversary London Event.

Below is a short video taken by my sponsor, who attended the 18 Month Anniversary Event in London on the 13th June.
It was a packed event, with members flying in from various parts of the world to pass on their tips and guidance, and of course promote the positive spirit of the Myadvertisingpays community.

18 Month Anniversary London Event Video. 

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