Sunday, June 21, 2015

Be Wary Of Anti MAPS Reviews - Do They Have Ulterior Motives?

Okay, so you've typed Myadvertisingpays into Google, and amongst the genuine blogs and sites, you see a few that attempt to discredit MAPS.
Confusing eh?
There are pages on Social Media where some people seem to spend an enormous amount of time and effort producing, in many cases, lame and inaccurate comments, often naming and in some cases offering veiled threats to individuals in the business.
Why would someone, who hides their identity spend so much effort venting their spleen day after day after day?
It must be self destructive to be such an individual, so maybe they lost out in an online opportunity in the past.
Fair enough, you win some, you lose some (take the 4k I lost to the men in grey suits at the Bank when they suggested I open an ISA!).
Online marketers often get it wrong. They don't build the programme though.

I had a Renault a few years ago after hearing glowing reports from friends and online. Turned out to be an electrical fault nightmare (which I now know is common in Renaults).
Should I blame those friends and online reviews then...or myself?

And then we come to the often missed point by people looking for unbiased views online. Do the sites "dissing", MAPS for example have an ulterior motive?

Quite often, yes!
Quite often, these sites will eventually lead you to a "New Opportunity" that they wish to promote.
People are rightly wary of online programmes and systems that promise to make you rich overnight, and so are easily swayed if they see just one bad review, but will continue to accept poor service and goods in the offline world.

     Sometimes these new oppportunities whole system is based around calling EVERY other opportunity a scam......apart from theirs of course!

The best way to get any facts is to meet, and speak to people within the business. Go to meetings and events and see real social proof.


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