Wednesday, June 24, 2015

If I told you Sky or Youtube were a SCAM, would you read it?

The answer is YES you probably would! The use of the word SCAM for search terms, is a clever and deceitful way some so called review sites, drive traffic to the top of a search engine, usually for their own gain. WHY because it costs nothing to get to the top of search engines using the word SCAM! and have many viewers see what you want to TELL them or SELL them. Yes it does very little harm for the large companies as they are already established and well known, but in their early years this was done and did hurt them.
And everyone blindly accepts the advertising videos you are forced to watch on Youtube,
before you can view your chosen video. Is that a scam? 
So how do you know if any of these SCAM claims are real or malicious posts for their own financial gain? Usually, the most obvious one is that when someone has genuine reason to highlight a SCAM for genuine reason,
they should be willing to put their name to the statement
 and not hide behind some pseudo name Like T*** T***s or My Advertising Pays – S**M, 
Some sites are less obvious and can be bloggers that post reviews on new companies on the scene as if they are just general advisers to the world for FREE.
Or are they?
 Nobody writes blog posts for the good of their health
 No, with these professionals you will find that they have done some research into the workings of the company and twist true facts (or miss most of them out!) to make a business look amateur and dodgy.
All very devious, but the give away is the link or button that says, “look at this much better opportunity", and low and behold, it ticks all the boxes and sounds brilliant!.
Equally all the other links to similar opportunities identical reviews. 
Remember, talk to the people who are actually in the business, face to face too where possible and check out their results for real.

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