Wednesday, December 17, 2014

My Advertising Pays 1 Year on and December sign up offer !

Hi folks! 
Well it's one year now since Myadvertisingpays was launched, and it's fair to say, just like ANY business (especially the the offline one that I work in!) has it's ups and downs.
they got there in the end,
and despite what people in some online circles say and think,
I HAVE had a really GOOD experience with MAPS.

It was just the other day that Myadvertisingpays held their London "1st Birthday Bash". Again, here was a successful event, full of successful people celebrating AND sharing their success so that others may see the value and sincerity of the MAPS family. You can go here to see more pictures of the event from the Facebook page: London Birthday Bash. 

There's also a compilation video of the event here:
Event video

   You, know there will always be haters for whatever reason, but you have to go with your gut feeling, AND with the results you get from any new programme you may join.

I for one, am no internet guru or experienced online marketer with a "list".
I haven't got 1200 Credit Packs,
I only have the one "active" referral,
I HAVE WITHDRAWN MONEY (and intend to do so again very soon).

So it's all a question of what you see and what you believe.
I have seen the "social proof". 
I have seen my very own results.
So for me. I am perfectly happy with the way things have gone in the 7 months I have been with MAPS. And hey, I may never make it to 1200 packs, but at least at whatever level of packs I am at, 

So for this reason, for the month of December, if you sign up with me
will get 1 FREE CREDIT PACK for every 10 they purchase which will help you on your way to build up your "pot" of Active Credit Packs.

For more info, just get in touch :) 



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