Monday, January 5, 2015

Myadvertisingpays pays again!

Not having posted for a while, I thought I'd better share the good news that I have withdrawn another $1400, that's about £920, from my account. Plus, I have managed to stay at around 200 active Credit Packs (well 199 lol). 

I have been asked if I had any particular strategy, and to be honest I don't, except to try to build up my packs, but also withdraw funds from time to time.
Basically, having my cake and eating it, as they say.

I have always said patience is the key with this business, and although there seems to be no right or wrong way to it, I personally feel (at the moment) that waiting for the 1200 Credit Pack goal may be some way off at present.

So, by taking some funds but maintaining a certain level of packs, then continuing to build up packs to a higher level and repeating the process, I still grow my packs AND I still get some money.

At the time of writing, packs are earning on average
 0.51 cents, per pack, per day, which on 200 packs is still $200 a day.
Bear in mind I have now recouped my original "seed" money and from now on I am in profit. 

So, seven months in and all is looking good and if I did nothing else now and sat at approximately 200 packs constantly, I would earn about $1600 (about £1050) or a little more every month. (Taking into account any repurchasing of packs that would be required to maintain that level).

However, I shall now build up my packs for a little while and decide on my next withdrawal amount very soon!                   

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