Friday, December 12, 2014

My Advertising Pays myths...

It has come to my notice that some people on the internet seem hell bent on sabotaging MAPS with negative and ill informed comments. 
I came into this thing a little sceptical myself, but all I can offer is MY story of how I am getting on with My Advertising Pays.
I have no axe to grind, or much to gain either way.
In fact one of the many inaccuracies from certain circles, is that you HAVE 
to reach 1200 Credit Packs at all costs, and you MUST constantly re purchase more packs from your Available Account Balance.

Some say that you had to be in it from the beginning to make any money as the top earners will take all the money out and leave you with nothing.
Well from my experience, that simply isn't true!

In November I maintained a mighty 170 packs and withdrew $1400 within 3 weeks. And now I am up to 200 packs. much quicker than I expected, with the possibility of earning $1000 plus in withdrawable money
 by the end of December,
AND, still maintain 200 Credit Packs!

Another myth is that people have problems getting their money out via
 VX Gateway and it costs too much in fees anyway.

Again, my experience is that I had no problem withdrawing money. Yes there a fees, as in everything in life, but the fees become irrelevant once you have made several withdrawals.

Another favourite is that you HAVE to recruit, and you have to refer to make any money.

Again, my experience only, but it isn't true.
There is NO obligation to recruit (No pyramid) and you don't have to refer.
Obviously, if you do refer it is blatantly obvious that you will benefit more,
BUT you still don't have to and you can still make money with My Advertising Pays without them.

If you check my screenshot, it says 16 referrals, however only 1 is now active, 13 didn't take any action or have the decency to reply, and 2 think it's too much work to click 10 ads once a day (as opposed to 8 hours at work?).     
As I can say is , all of this is from my experience with MAPS and so far
 it has been fantastic! :)

Update: Don't forget you can also promote other offers and products in MAPS

and gain an extra income stream!


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