Monday, September 1, 2014

Fiffy Dollars a Day - $50 a Day, on 106 Credit Packs !

Well it's been a couple of weeks since my last blog update. I've been on holiday, and in that time, thanks partly to my sponsor clicking my ads whilst I was away I have passed the 100 Credit Pack goal !!!
In fact I am now on 106 (soon to be 107) Credit Packs. 
This means that even at 0.45 cents per pack, per day,
I should receive nearly $48.
Of course there is every chance this will be higher since the M.A.P,s team have sorted the profit sharing script out and it is now running a little faster.
Obviously, results are not typical, but £50 plus per day is perfectly possible at the moment.  

One point to remember, as in my case, I will have my original 30 Credit Packs expire in approximately 15 days or so. This means I will drop by 30 packs, so I hope to be close to 120/130 packs by that time, and still be receiving a profit share of $48/$50 a day.

My next goal is to reach 200 Credit Packs (at least) by Christmas. 
Theoretically, this should produce 90 to $100 per day profit share.
In other words, I could repurchase 2 Credit Packs per day by then.
Which then means I will be well on my way to 300 Credit Pack!

It's also been heartening to see and hear about other M.A.P,s members reaching the magic 1200 Credit Pack level, AND, quite clearly showing their results for all to see. 


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